I changed the week.start.date=2 to 1 but when i run a ad hoc with relative date filter WEEK and then  WEEK+1 i get Novemver 23 2014 on both views.

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2 Answers:

Which version of JasperReports Server are you using? There was a bug in the earlier releases with dates and I think there was some remaining in the current release as well. Check Tracker to find any reported bug on using dates in adhoc to see if it's already been reported.

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Here is the way one of my coworkers put it: "Jasper’s implementation of relative dates works by returning a date range object to the report, rather than a specific date. The object can then be queried programmatically for a start date and end date. It seems the JasperReports engine already does this by assuming the first date in a “between” filter would correspond to the start date and the second date would correspond to the end date.  For example, if you created a parameter called DateRange and set it to be a relative date type and set the value to “MONTH-1” the code will create an object that has a start date of the first day of last month (at 00:00:00.000) and an end date of the last day of the month (at 23:59:59.999). A developer could then call DateRange.getStart() or DateRange.getEnd() each of which returns a java.util.Date."

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