Can no longer connect to JasperServer from Studio 5.6.2 because of "special symbols"

So apparently Jaspersoft Studio 5.6.2 doesn't allow "special symbols" in user names when setting up a server connection. As a concept I can understand that, but all of the user names in my company have a dot in them, and apparently this qualifies as a "special symbol", so in 5.6.2 none of us can connect to Jasper Server anymore to uploads reports. 

Is there a way around this? (without rolling back to a version where it worked)

And is it going to be fixed in 5.6.3?

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1 Answer:

Should create a new case in the Tracker for this. The validation is hard coded internally. Studio development team usually are quick in fixing things up but you may need to build from source after they've updated the source if you're really in a hurry because getting fixes in releases usually take some time after the source commits.

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