Report Scheduler - PDF is blank while xls and xlsx have data


Issue: Using version 5.6 and scheduling a report and selecting pdf and xls as output options. The output sent via the scheduler always results in blank results for the pdf while the xls has the correct data. When I run the scheduler again and this time only select pdf, the results sent via scheduler are correctly formatted and showing up in pdf.

In more testing found that if I scheduled a report with PDF and CSV selected, both outputs came out with all results printed. So far, the PDF is only blank if I also select an excel output that is NOT paginated (the paginated options when selected with PDF worked with correct results).

Output formats selected:


Formats                         PDF output was blank

PDF + xls                       yes

PDF + xls                       yes

PDF + xls paginated      no

PDF + xlsx paginated    no


PDF + all other non excel choices  no




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1 Answer:

Thanks for the information. Should create a ticket for this in Tracker to get this fixed.

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