Report Scheduler Export - Excel Omitting Chart

Issues is that in scheduling a report (report is made up of two sub reports, html chart in first rows followed by table) and receiving in an email an attached file in xls and xlsx format, the html chart is missing and instead there is only the table part of the report. The chart is no longer visible. However, when running the report through the browser and choosing from the excel options there, the chart does appear in those exports.


Question: is there a setting for the scheduler to be able to show html charts in the exports there vs the exports wtihin the jasper server?

Are there parameters or settings that need to be in place? Or could it be the issue is the build of the report itself and the chart needs to be within the main report and not its own sub report?

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1 Answer:

Did you set the following property in your report layout so graphic images will be exported to Excel?

<property name="" value="false"/>

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Yes, that was definitely it, thanks for the reminder on that property.

ctech115 - 8 years 4 months ago