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Issue with the pdf received in a scheduled report (report is made up of two subreports within one main jrxml) where the pdf is blank, as well as the docx format. Is there a setting for the export report scheduler that needs to be set for formatting pdf and docx for the scheduled reports?


Or perhaps a parameter to be included in order to format it correctly for the scheduled report exports vs the regular UI export abilities?

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1 Answer:

No there isn't. Scheduled reports should export to pdf and docx correctly. There's probably a bug in your report or in JasperReports Server but I haven't had that problem with my JasperReports Server.

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This is solved from your earlier reply to my other question, this issue was also resolved. It was the property value of "<property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.ignore.graphics" value="false"/>" missing from report. Thank you hozawa for the tip.

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