Sorting Month in Adhoc Editor


I have requirement that I am using Year,Month(like January,February,..etc), and a measure lets say Count(*) on the Ad hoc. When I drag Year and Month, the Month is getting sorted alphabetically, However I want to sort it in time wise(like January then Feburary then March).
Is there any way that I can sort Month without dragging any additional column(like Monthkey) and perform sorting based on that.

Appreciate your suggestions.


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2 Answers:

The short answer is no.   What I do in these cases is to create a string field like "01 January"  and  "02 February"  or "Month 01 (Jan)" or so - whatever would look the best as a label to the graph.  But there's no way, that I know of, to separate the label on the axis from the data being sorted.

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 Some Syntax would be nice cause i cant get it to work.

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