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  1. Hi, I have requirement that I am using Year,Month(like January,February,..etc), and a measure lets say Count(*) on the Ad hoc. When I drag Year and Month, the Month is getting sorted alphabetically, However I want to sort it in time wise(like January then Feburary then March). Is there any way that I can sort Month without dragging any additional column(like Monthkey) and perform sorting based on that. Appreciate your suggestions. Thanks, Ajay
  2. I am using Jasper Server 5.6 and the File "highchart.datamapper.js" is at the path "jasperserver-pro/optimized-scripts/adhoc/".I have applied those color changes at the file and restarted the tomcat server but i still see the old colors at the ad hoc charts. I have also cleared the cache of tomcat as well as the browser.
  3. Hi, I have requirement to change the default colour scheme of the charts in the Ad hoc Editor. For this I have tried changing the default colours(9 predefined) in the file "highchart.datamapper.js" at the location "webappsjasperserver-proscriptsadhoc" and restarted Tomcat server. However the charts still showing the old colour(default) scheme. I also tried changing the javascipt files at the location "webappsjasperserver-proscriptsadhoc"chartpalette". Please suggest if these steps are incorrect or any another workaround. Appreciate your suggestions. Thanks, Ajay
  4. Hi, I wolud like to pass the paramerter into ad-hoc editor using URL. I have created ad hoc report using Topic(the .jrxml file that contains parameter) and I am able to filter the data in ad hoc using "Input control" option. However I want to achieve the functionality that I want call ad hoc using URL with passing parameter in URL and whatever objects we drag in the editor, data will be filtered. Your Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Ajay
  5. Hi, I am using Maps Pro Widget for showing highlighted region(state) of the country based on the threshold defined. I found that this functionality is working only for the country "USA"(Which is the default map for this widget). However for rest of the country this behaviour is not achieved. Could any one please suggest if there is any configuration that has to be done. Your answers are appreciated. Thanks, Ajay (Urgent)
  6. Hi, I have used the Map object for creating the report using lattitude and longitude. However I want to create a map containing only the boundary and based on the threshold the area inside boundary gets highlighted. Can you please let me know how to render this type of map & the requirements to render this. Please find the attached screenshot for my requirement. Appreciate your answers Thanks, Ajay
  7. Hi Netti, Thanks for the reply, My report contains the same parameter name as of Input control. I have also used this parameter name in the qery filter. When I individually run the report through jaspersoft studio, the results are filtered but when I run this through the server, the selection of option has no effects on the results. <<<<<< This comment was blocked and unpublished because Project Honeypot indicates it came from a suspicious IP address.
  8. Hi, I am beginner to the Jasper(Using "JasperReports Server 5.5" and "Jaspersoft Studio Profesional 5.5.0"). I have created the stand alone Input control(say "IC1") in the server and used that control in the report. I am also using parameter(say "P1") in my report. I want to link this Input control with parameter.What I want is the option selected in Input will be filtered through the parameter in the query. Please let me know how to achieve this functionality. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks, Ajay
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