Loading images on jaspersoft server

Hi all, after being able to load an image from the db in the jaspersoft studio now I want to make the same report on the jaspersoft server instance of the company.

The steps I'm doing:

Created the Data Source poiting to my SQL DB

Created a domain and a derived table (selecting the tables I want previously) with the following SQL

SELECT student.txtname AS Name, 
       student.dtedob AS DateOfBirth, 
  student.image AS Image 
       school.txtname AS College,        
FROM   tblstudent student
       JOIN tblschool ON tblschool.schoolid = student.schoolid 
When I run the query I see as available fields the name, date of birth and college name, but no the image (is a blob)
Is it possible to load images on jaspersoft server so I can show the student pic next to the data on the report?
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1 Answer:

Just use a datasource instead of a domain. Domains have limitation on supported datasources.

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When I go to create the Ad Hoc View I don't see an option to chose directly the data source.
Only Topic, Domains and Olap Connections
And for creating a report I need an Ad Hoc View

dario.griffo - 8 years 8 months ago

Hozawa is thinking in either iReport Designer or Jaspersoft Studio. Once you've created a report, you can create a Topic from it and use that in other Ad Hoc Views or Reports. But coding the report straight from the datasource is a Jaspersoft Studio feature.

djohnson53 - 8 years 6 months ago