Server won't accept new _report path change

I am using Jaspewr Reports 5.5 and Studio 5.5 (Commercial)

Mac OS.

I am setrting up a hpyerlink where my main report calls another report.

In the hyerlink params I added a param named _report and a value.

I deploy successfully to the server, set up the report and run. Click the link and I get a 

The resource with URI /organizations/organization_1/organizations/reports/Samples/XXXX/employee_report cannot be found.

That is fine, I made a mistake.

I go back to Studio, change the _report path value and redeploy report.

Server shows original value of the _report.

I have deleted the report, re-deployed again, shutdown server, cleaned browser cache.

Still the server is not showing new params value.

Any help please?

Thanks Al


Exception trace

com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.JSException: jsexception.could.not.find.resource.with.uri at com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.war.action.ResourceTypeMappingAction.doPreExecute( at org.springframework.webflow.action.AbstractAction.execute( at org.springframework.webflow.execution.ActionExecutor.execute( at org.springframework.webflow.action.EvaluateAction.doExecute( at org.springframework.webflow.action.AbstractAction.execute( at 





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2 Answers:

Try viewing the jrxml source file. I've found the Studio won't update some server settings in the properties so you'll have to manually change them.

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Ok I got it.

Thanks for the help.

For anyone out there and trying to call a report using hyperlinks.

if the report is in the same folder as your main one and your path is something like this:


Then add the path like this:


your parameter name is "_report"

expresion is: "/reports/Samples/xxxx/employee_report"

it wasn't evident of the issue until I added a /main_jrxml" to the end of the employee_report and when launching the

report it exposed what the server was appending.

in all of the docs I found one reference to _report.

No idea why error would not show my path changes




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