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  1. Use the community edition of JStudio. Concentrate on compiling the .JRXML to .JASPER Go here http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/847812/implement-ireport-eclipse-java-window-application
  2. I can only speak from integrating JBOSS 5.1 and Jasper Reports 4+ The files I included were jasperreports-4.0.2.jar jasperreports-fonts-4.0.2.jar jasperreports-javaflow-4.0.2.jar We build simple templates (.jrxml) and compile to .jasper files. You package the .jasper files into your WAR file or whatever your deployment file is. Then in your JAVA code, you marry the correct .jasper file to the data you pull from the DB to produce the report. Depending on how large the data is to use for the report, your user experience will be somewhat uncomfortable. Example,let's say the data is 100,000 records of "something". When you transform the data to the report, it will take some time so you need to prep the user to understand this. Here is the flow of what we do: 1. User selects an operation that allows them to pull data back. Usually date driven. 2. This data is displayed in a table (JSP type form ) 3. Below this table are icons to generate or export a Jasper PDF or Excel report. 4. User clicks the icon, which goes to another form that informs user that report may take some time. User presses button to confirm or abort. 5. Then pop up a small window informing "report being generated or ????" Al
  3. Just curious about the printout of the parameters in a log file When the query is listed in jasperserver.log I notice that after the query has completed, there are 2 params being listed. Both have to do with java.util.Date But a lot of my reports have up to 8 parameters and those are not printed out. I thought that there was a relationship between a param being marked as mandatory but in one report (being called from another report), all of the params are optional; yet the 2 java.util.Dates are only printed. JServer Pro, 5.6 2015-02-05 15:33:40,693 DEBUG JRJdbcQueryExecuter,Error Rate - Detail Report subreports #1:396 - Parameter #1 (StartDate of type java.util.Date): Sun Feb 01 00:00:00 UTC 20152015-02-05 15:33:40,693 DEBUG JRJdbcQueryExecuter,Error Rate - Detail Report subreports #1:396 - Parameter #2 (EndDate of type java.util.Date): Sat Feb 28 00:00:00 UTC 2015 Am I missing an item in the log4j.properties file ? Thanks Al
  4. Never mind. Dumb question. The "Print when expresion" is on the chart. I didn't see it.
  5. My charts usually reside in the summary band, so I suppose you can key the Summary band off of a field. if field > 0 ..... But if there are multiple charts in the band and they don't necesarrily synch off of the same field ?
  6. This is the community charts. if the data is empty, how can you avoid displaying the chart?
  7. I was notified that a release might have this enhancement. I can't seem to find a reference to it in release notes. Is it part of the com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.metadata.user.domain.User API ? Can I reference it from Studio 5.6 or do I need to upgrade ?
  8. This is for Product Edition: Professional for AWS Features: Fusion AHD EXP DB Product Version: 5.6.1 Build: 20140903_1011 License Type: Commercial Expiration: None On a report that launches another report from the hyperlink: On server V5.6.0 this type of PATH worked: "/Reports/tvol_dba_detail" Aftter migrating the reports to 5.6.1, it does not work. The text needs to be changed to ""/reports/tvol_dba_detail" Note the lower case "r". Both servers show the path as "/Reports/......"
  9. I can confirm that themes now work in the AWS server. This is version 5.6.1 Build: 0140903_1011 Professional version.
  10. After reading about the pro version, you have to match up the countries with a numeric system. Example: 004 = Belize, as an example. You could hard code the values if you want but..... Since i don't have the data in the DB to match that type of requirement I abandoned the Pro and used the Google one. The Google one, which is not as automated as you like via a GUI; must be hand edited in the XML source tab. There is only one document I found that showed the values and that is here: http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/sample.reference/map/index.html Just drop the XML nodes c:item inside of the c:markerData node. there are 4 items, The latitude and longitude come from my database. You can populate the title and inforwindow with anything. (when you click the location, the infowindow pops up. When you hover your mouse, the title pops up. Here are examples: $F{entityname}+"nSales Volume:"+$V{DBAVolumeTotal}+"nQty:"+$F{qty} "<p style=text-align:right;'></p><pstyle='text-align:left;'><b>"+$F{entityname}+"</b><br/>Sales Volume: <b>"+$V{DBAVolumeTotal}+"</b><br/>Qty: <b>"+$F{qty}+"</b><br/>Address: <b>"+$F{address}+"</b><br/>City: <b>"+$F{city}+"</b></p> You can replace the infowindow with When you click, you can launch another report. You will find in the document "ireport-ultimate-guide.pdf" (even though I don't use iReport, a comment that says): "Using dynamic entities is not simple because ID Expression must return a valid entity ID for the map you have chosen. In order to do so, you must have the map’s entity codes directly in your database and make them appear in the chosen dataset, or you must write a helper class to determine the ID from the geographic name as it appears in your dataset." In this document is where you will find all of the best info for a pro map. Regards
  11. This is the commerical version. Server 5.6.0 located on Amazon. Build: 20140527_1807 Theme updates don't work or does updating a new theme. error is: "syntax error: Unexpected token <" Note that this occurs on a deployed theme from Jaspersoft. So saving the jasper_dark to some new name and uploading the theme fails. Also, I have read the document on themes and inheritance so I modified the logo file and uploaded. This doesn't work after rerstarting Tomcat, even though I can view the changes since I labelled the description field. (Thus it accepted the file) I have restarted server many times and even tried FTP'ing the new theme into the server and trying to install by hand. Still can't do it. Linux protections look ok, no changes that I can see from the command line. All tests work great locally on a laptop,
  12. I'm looking to retrieve the host servers URL. Using something like com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.metadata.user.domain.User Is there some API that I can use to get the JR server hostname? looking for http://THIS HERE/jasperserver-pro/flow.html Thanks
  13. How is everyone unistalling Studio from Mac? I do not see any uninstall applications in the /Application/Jaspersoft folders Thanks
  14. Has anyone successfully implemented the Map Pro component? I can't seem to get any type of recognition out of it. I have gone through all of the documentation, including an advanced tutorial. doesn't seem to be doing any good. I went back to the "standard" Map component (looks like a Google one) but you can't assign a separate dataset to the component like you can with the Pro version. Anyone know of any good demo's using the Map Pro component? Thanks
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