List All domains and data sources use in the domains in Jaspersoft

Hello all,

I am very new to Jaspersoft

How can i List All domains (domain names)and data sources used in the domains in Jaspersoft.

i mean i have different domains like audit domains,customer domain etc is there any way to get all domains with tables(Data sources) use in these domains in jaspersoft?

I have around 20 domains and manually going to each domain and listing tables is cubersome so i need some help!

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Hi there - I don't know of a way to pull up the listing as you describe it above.  It might make sense to create a list and track them that way (using Excel or Word).  As a side note, you could probably pull this information from the underlying database, but that method isn't supported nor advised.  -- Hugo

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1 Answer:

I've developed a tool just to do that. Just use JasperReports Server Web Service interface to pull resources. Consult the Web Service Guide for further details

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