Jaspersoft AWS ssh connection to mysql



i've just provisioned a jaspersoft was using a cloud formation template as per instructions on the site


i am now trying to create a data source that connects to  mysql using ssh. The ui doesn't have any options for that


can anybody help?





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1 Answer:

If I understad this correctly you want to do an SSH tunnel from your EC2 AWS Jasper intance to your MySQL database that is somewhere else in the cloud.

To do that you just need to create the tunnel at the OS lever and forward the port. For example mysql server is running on a remote machine and listening on let's say port 3306..

To create such a tunnel from port 1234 on your local machine to port 3306 on a remote machine using the command line ssh client, you would type the following command from your local machine:
ssh -L 1234:localhost:3306 mysql.server.remote
Tunnel is done!!! then you just configure your JasperServer datasource to point to "jdbc:mysql://localhost:1234/MyFancyDB"
Check the EMR connectivity form AWS the Option#2 described there uses a very similar method.
If this answer your question remember to check it!!


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