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Hi Jaspersoft Studio Team,

                                                  I am trying to make a simple report using the cheatsheet, but it seems to give me troubles. The simple report using Sample DB works ok, but when i added the Bar chart into it according to the steps explained in the step-by-step cheatsheet, it didn't work!

The data on the report appears ok, but on the very last page (summary panel), it just shows a squared box with city name in dots and that's it. No barchart is appearing properly.

So my main question is how can I help myself preparing few reports, which are making use of Charts? Are there any examples, which i can load and play around with?

It would be highlly appreciated, if you could redirect me to some tutorials explaining reports with some charts included. I am using Jaspersoft Studio 2.0.0.



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2 Answers:


we will check the cheatsheet you are talking about.
About tutorials, did you already gave a look at the "Resources" page? 
Link here:

Best regards,

P.S: if you feel like the cheatshet itself or the steps are not fine, please fill a bug in the tracker. It's better. Thanks.

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in the cheatsheet there was an error, in the step with the text "In the fields Series and Label add the value F{SHIPCITY}", the name of the field should be $F{SHIPCITY}.
Anyway this isn't probably your problem since the report dosen't even compile with a wrong variable name. Another thing is that your chart area is just too small, i've added two new steps to the cheatsheet where is explained how enlarge the chart. Anyway you can try to set the height of the summary band to 500 and then right click on the chart, select "Size To Container" and then "Fit Both". Doing this the chart will expands to fill all the summary.
Please, let us know if this solved your problem. Thanks!
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