Real time alert for JasperServer

I am having two input for dates as below & want to set alert for that

Alert:- If difference between StartDate & EndDate is more than 6 months,it must generate alert / prompt panel  showing text "Month Period exceed than 6", & report should not proceed.further, untill & unless the user  select dates between any six months.

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I'm not sure that relative dates will be useful here, if you just need to do checking on the values of the input controls, you can add your logic and alerts by customizing the input control rendering, Check Chapter 11 (11.6.1) if the JasperReports Server Ultimate Guide

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No idea about  prompt level but might be possible at report level and i think which not looks ok. I faced same issue in 4.7 and i raised enhancement request for that in tracker. So I have no idea that  added in the 5.0 or not.

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@ajinkya_c, How to send request for any bug/enhancement in Tracker for jasperserver/iReport,Can u tell me in short ? Thanks in Advance !!!

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In Jaspersoft 5.0 there is relative dates feature added, So that may be help you I am not use this feature yet, so if possible then let me know how you do that.

If you want to raise enhancement request then go to TRACKER option on community.

1. Create new bug report.

2. Select categary of the bug either feature request or Enhancement request.

and select monitor option.


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