Jaspersoft Studio support for the Cassandra Connector?

I have successfully configured both JasperReports server and iReport to use the Cassandra Connector, but I cannot find any reference to it being supported in Jaspersoft Studio?

Is support for the Cassandra Connector in Jaspersoft Studio planned?






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2 Answers:

yes the Cassandra Connector is planned also for Jaspersoft Studio.
I think it will be available in one of the next releases. For sure the next one that will come out shortly will not have it. 

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Thanks Massimo, if you guys need beta testers please let me know I'd like to help out.


jgrosche - 9 years 5 months ago

You can create on the tracker a new feature request regarding the Cassandra plug-in. In this way we can keep track of the issue and you will be notified when we will release it in the Community Edition.

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mrabbi - 9 years 5 months ago

I have added this cassandra connector for JSS it will be available in next release

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