How to hide Domain panel from Ad Hoc Editor

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I am in a situation where I want to hide the left Domain panel from Ad Hoc Editor for certain roles. The panel which shows fields and measures attributes. It will only be shown to the organization admin in order to design the report. Once the report is designed I want to give a read-only view to a certain group of users which also have drill-down feature.

Or is there any way to always open Ad hoc view in Display mode for certain group of people?

Please suggest is there any way to hide that?

I am using JasperReports Server PRO 5

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1 Answer:

If you create a report from that adhoc view, that report will not have the fields & measures panel and will retain the filters you selectd. Just crate a report out of your view (right lick on the view -> create report) and give the user access to the report only.

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Thanks marianol for the answer. Doing the suggested solution will depart the drill-down functionality. The user will no longer be able to drill through the data (expand/collapse) to see the aggregated attributes from different angles.

Please suggest something now

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