Jasper Studio where is the Palatte Window?

I am trying to migrate from iReports to Jasper Studio but I think I might have some thing setup wrong.  I am able to create a new report, and link to a database but I can't seem to find any PALATTE window like in iREPPORTS (to create a chart, add a title, etc)

I have been through every button and tab a couple of times and can't find it.   

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2 Answers:

It could be that it is collapsed in your view.  Look on the upper right edge of where your design view is...do you see a little arrow there that you can click on to get it to pop back out?  Here is what it looks like for me... It's the little blue symbol at the right at the same level as the "900"


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The palette in JSS versions till 1.1.2 was part of the editor and it was shown on the right (as shown in Matt screenshot). The user was able to open or close it when needed, and move it to the left side of the editor.
Starting from JSS 1.3.0 the palette has been moved outside the editor in top right position of your Eclipse/JSS installation. It is now shown as separate view: this position should be more familiar to the iReport users. If you still see the palette inside the editor you can try to reset the perspective or try "Window > Show View > Palette" from the global menu. If you prefer the old way you can simply close the open view in order to have the palette back in the editor.

To reset perspective right click on the "Report Design perspective" and choose "Reset".

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