Multi select for 4.7 seems broken

Multi select for 4.7 seems broken, I have a multi select input selector that works fine in 4.2.1 but when I try the same in 4.7, it is not working. It is a integer collection that gets returned, but in 4.7 it is just returning the first item regardless of what I have choosen. Any one else having this issue ? Any workaround or fix on the way ?


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My multi-select input controls are working in 4.7. Are you finding this for all of your reports or just this one?
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This has been fixed in JRS 4.7.1, here's a workaround for 4.7 (quoting someone internal)


The difference between 4.5.1 and 4.7.0 comes from the input control changes. The case is of a report having a java.util.Collection parameter with no nestedType specified. In that case the 4.5.1 input controls code assumed String as the nested type, and sent a list of Strings to JR as parameter value. MySQL is fine with comparing integer values to Strings, so the query worked as expected. In the same case the 4.7.0 code sends an empty list as JR parameter value (even when values are selected). Therefore the $X{IN, ..} clause does not apply any filtering the report shows all the data. Setting nestedType="java.lang.Integer" for the parameter in the JRXML fixes the problem in 4.7.0.

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I used multi-select operater with $X{IN,database_field,Parameter} with java.lang.collector as datatype , input control that I used is Multi-select query check input controls. and it works fine with that prompts as Optional also.

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Ernestoo's solution works for me in v5.6.1. Thanks

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