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  1. Can you post the errors? (Posting this as an answer, because I don't see a way to leave comments)
  2. http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation?version=8446 Here is the link to the documentation page. Scroll down to the bottom for the iReport Ultimate Guide. What have you tried?
  3. You could try a regular expression (formatted for Oracle here -- the 'i' makes it case insensitive -- format to suit your own database): REGEXP_LIKE(COLUMN_NAME, 'seach term', 'i')
  4. http://tenlittlebigendians.blogspot.com/2011/10/how-to-interface-jasperreports-server.html Yes, if you enable LDAP authentication you can still create local JasperReports Server users, and your superuser/administrator accounts are still valid. See the linked article above -- to enable LDAP authentication, you uncomment a bean in a security file. If the user is not find in the LDAP hierarchy, then the security process looks for a local user (unless you comment out the bean that does that part). Your LDAP users need to be created in your LDAP tool. If you get this working I hope you'll write about your experience so we have more documentation!
  5. Does this work for you? My reports all show up in one list, regardless of what folder they're in, because their type is "Report".
  6. Try ordering them by the value that determines the top 5. Set "Max number of slices to show" to 5 and set "Min slice percentage" to 0.
  7. Hi, Niza, I found something that might help you here: https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=400623 (I use Oracle, so adjust to suit your RDBMS). In that thread, they suggest creating a table of X rows from dual and then left joining your data table to that.
  8. Also - what kind of data source are you using? Maybe this could be done in SQL if not in the report template.
  9. Are you looking to take the average of the averages?
  10. I don't have an answer, but I have the same problem and I'm eager to solve it. I have a few top-level reports that hyperlink to other secondary and tertiary reports. "Execute Only" doesn't work when the report is a fully-functioning, free-standing report, and you're passing variables to it via hyperlink.
  11. Can you post your XML file? And in response to 2, yes, order the data by your grouping field.
  12. Unfortunately, anything placed in your detail band will be repeated with every detail band output row, unless you use a "Print When" expression to limit the output to a certain row number. What if the left-side portion was actually a subreport, and you dropped that into an outer wrapper report. In the outer report, you could split the detail band into 2 columns and display the subreport with the data on the left. In that subreport, calculate your averages in the report footer but don't display them. Pass them back to the outer report as return values. You would be doing all of this with the goal of having only one row in the outer wrapper report's detail band. Maybe someone else will have a better solution. I have had to get creative sometimes to achieve the layouts I'm looking for. For example, if you know you're always going to have X number of rows in your data table (I do a lot of "this month, last month, and the month before that" in my reports), you could use something like Oracle's decode function (not sure what kind of database you're using) to get all of the data in one row, and then you can arrange your text fields as you please within the single output row.
  13. Matt - are you displaying the results of these calculations in your detail band? Try moving them to your Summary band.
  14. Double-check your parameters. An input control's ID must match your parameter's name exactly. Also, you don't say if this is in iReport or JasperServer. If this is in JasperServer, did you create input controls there to match your iReport parameters?
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