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My name is Rajesh, i 'am new to Jasper reports & IREPORTS. I have some jasper compiled files(.jasper). i want to know how i can edit the .jasper file?? is it possible to edit jasper compiled files in IREPORTS?? or we have to open only the jrxml file?

i don't the jrxml files. i have only .jasper files.

Please help me guys. i 'am struck up in middle with this doubt. i have searched in google but didn't get how to edit it. please someone take few mins to reply my post. 


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You cannot edit .jasper files as they are compiled outputs of their respective .jrxmls. It is similar to the lines of  .class files generated after compiling .java files. Bottom line is that you need .jrxml to edit and see the changes

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Hi rajeshtelkar,

Check this out:

I have never used it but reading the comments seems that it does what you want.

Hope this helps.



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Next to the creation of a decompile script you could also use iReport for this purpose.

iReport can open and auto decompile jaser files back to a jrxml which can then be modified

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Just a heads up on using iReport to decompile jasper files. There is a limit to how far back it will go. I was able to open 3..0.0 files with vesrion 3.7.0 iReports. However I was not able to open 1.3.3 files. That being said I would give it a try.

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There is a community version of iReport which you can freely download and used to view reports.
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