setting new conditions in designing the rpt

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Am using ireport1.2.0, its fine working, but when i want to use zeros incase where the values are null and the datatype is numeric, instead of making it blank, and i don't want to give the condition in textfield expression like true or false when value equalto null...,
then whats the alternate method and also where the ireport is handling all these conditions, i can't able to find it, not with the setter , getter methods, is it internally handled by jasper or how, can u plz help me in understanding the cycle.

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2 Answers:

The blank when null condition is handled by JasperReports.

The only way to print "0" instead havong a blank field if the expression return null is to put a condition into the expression itself.

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If I understand you right 0 should be printed instead of blank.

You could do this already in your query (depending on the database your are using). Something like

NVL(field, 0) -> would result in 0 values instead of NULL in ORACLE.

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