Jasper reports running slow

Hi All,
I have a report generating 20 million data per day. What should exactly be specifications / required memeory to run this huge data?
Any additional configarations should be done to run this huge data?
My jasper studio also runs pretty slow when i open 1 st time. it tries to hang. Is this system memory issue? I have 16GB ram.
Please help me with above.
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1 Answer:

Required memory is dependent on the type of report you are using. If the report is just outputting the data in rows without requiring totals, it would be require less memory than a report that requires calculation on all data.

As such, you'll need to benchmark the memory and cpu requirement yourself.

Jaspersoft Studio is just eclipse. You'll be able to increase the memory it's can use by increasing "-Xms" and "-Xmx" settings in "Jaspersoft Studio.ini" file.

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