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Hi, guys is there a way to SAVE AS XML file from word document and import it to jasper, let me give you an example:
I have a word document with header Hello World and i save the file as XML so when i create new report i go to xml in Jasper Ireport and i copy/paste the xml from the word document so i can get Hello World in ireprot without creating anything? 

I know there must be something like a convertor. I just wonder did some one create something similar 

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3 Answers:

Yes. I did create one for my customer. I also created one form excel and powerpoint too.

There are 2 ways to do this.

First is to directly convert the xml file. Xml specifications of these files are made public so this is possible.

Second is to use Apache Poi to read the MS Office xml and to generate jrxml using dynamic report creation technique. Warning on this approach is that Apache Poi doesn't fully support all MS Office features.

So, it is possible to write a converter.

Just as a warning, not all features can be mapped but a simple report can be converted.

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Its great hearing that its possible. Thank you for your respawns. Can u give me more detail inforamtion like hot to do one simple export/imporst as xml

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Old post I know, but I have started doing something that may do what you are after. Refer to this post:


I have a conversion tool that could help. It is still in development, but may be worth your consideration if you need to achieve this in future.

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