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  1. Hi guys i have a little problem. So i have created a table with with deatail band that has Strech Type: Relative to the Tallest Objest and Strech With Overflow: true and when there is longer text in the box it get bigger and all the other row get bigger as well so far good, but i have alignment to the midlle withc doest work with the streched row, the text box is aligment center with its actual size not the one that got bigger. Can some one tell me how to fix this? This is what i want. dasdadssssssssssssssssssdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd asdasdasddasdaddasddasdasd This is what i ahve ddddddddddddd ddddddddd dasdasdasd dasdad dasdasdaddasdaddasdaddasdasd
  2. HI guys, can some one please help me. I'm trying to add report group to my report so i can use the group properties for min height to start new page . All i want to do is to have a report with a table and below the table text field that i want to be in the same page as the table (something like keep together in MS Word). Can some one please help me. Thank you so much!
  3. ahmy_1

    Sign below

    If u place it in the Page Footer Band then it will be printed in evert page
  4. Hi guys so im creating an important report which have a table of people and at the end i have sign here text field, but some times the sign here text goes to the second page of the report which is not good is there are a way to fix this problem?
  5. Hi, guys can some one help me out with a project, I wanna create a converter or something like a converter. So when i use "save as" at a MC word document and save it as as XML file i want to paste it at XML View in Jasper Ireport i was told that this is possible to directly convert the xml file. Xml specifications of these files are made public so this is possible and by using Apache Poi to read the MS Office xml and to generate jrxml using dynamic report creation technique. But i can make it work either way can some one help me out with more information how to do it?
  6. Its great hearing that its possible. Thank you for your respawns. Can u give me more detail inforamtion like hot to do one simple export/imporst as xml
  7. Hi, guys is there a way to SAVE AS XML file from word document and import it to jasper, let me give you an example: I have a word document with header Hello World and i save the file as XML so when i create new report i go to xml in Jasper Ireport and i copy/paste the xml from the word document so i can get Hello World in ireprot without creating anything? I know there must be something like a convertor. I just wonder did some one create something similar
  8. I need to make a report with data from two different queries which are from two different ms sql databases is there a way to make this and put it in a server?
  9. Hi, guys I'm trying to make a report of 3 tables with table header and detail band all of my tables are set to blank when null and remove line when blank. So when I execute the report i get blank place between 2 tables because the one in the middle is blank however i have set them to float except the first table which is fixed to the top... I tryed to do the same thing using list insted of tables but there was the same problem. This is what I get when there is blank table in the midlle: header1header1 (white space because of the blank report) header3header3 This is what i want to get when there is blank table in the middle headr1headr1 headr3 headr3
  10. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <jasperReport xmlns="http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/jasperreports" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/jasperreports http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/xsd/jasperreport.xsd" name="text_output" language="groovy" pageWidth="555" pageHeight="802" columnWidth="555" leftMargin="0" rightMargin="0" topMargin="0" bottomMargin="0" uuid="9a0b1db2-1ed0-44e1-960b-4626cea0097d"> <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.text.page.width" value="80"/> <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.text.page.height" value="40"/> <property name="ireport.zoom" value="1.4641000000000008"/> <property name="ireport.x" value="0"/> <property name="ireport.y" value="0"/> <queryString> <![CDATA[ select FirstName, MiddleName, LastName from student where id < 500]]> </queryString> <field name="FirstName" class="java.lang.String"/> <field name="MiddleName" class="java.lang.String"/> <field name="LastName" class="java.lang.String"/> <title> <band height="20"> <staticText> <reportElement uuid="0d85fdfa-a227-4d79-8c67-e9bec2e4edbd" x="0" y="0" width="454" height="20"/> <textElement> <font fontName="Consolas"/> </textElement> <text><![CDATA[Empoyees]]></text> </staticText> </band> </title> <detail> <band height="20" splitType="Stretch"> <textField> <reportElement uuid="9094fe84-25d6-4eff-878e-29fc12ead2a6" x="0" y="0" width="454" height="20" isPrintWhenDetailOverflows="true"/> <textElement> <font fontName="Consolas"/> </textElement> <textFieldExpression><![CDATA[$F{FirstName} + " " + $F{MiddleName} + " " + $F{LastName}]]></textFieldExpression> </textField> </band> </detail> </jasperReport>
  11. Hi guys, can some one please help me. I'm trying to get a report which shows me a list of persons and it needs to be a .txt file. But when i preview the .txt file has 2 blank spaces for every page. In short can i make a report with a data only in one big page? Waneta Sills Luann Willcox Mao Askey Benny Beauregard Jeanett Haberman Jamie Pepper Francisco Holm Kimbra Lara Beverly Poyer Shelba Terrel Carmel Willams i wanna ger rid of this two blank spaces Kirsten Caroll Vertie Branson Marla Felberbaum Donita Robbs Jada Zhou Alisia Garceau Luna Rezentes Glenn Garriott Kasandra Crimi
  12. Yeah .. but I'm using jasper ireport designer. I don't know if the studio is the same?
  13. Hi, I have a report with a similar problem I can generate a table like the one below from sql script the only problem that i have is that i dont know how to make the Total part one with the Name a.k.a colspan. Its in my detail part and using column footer won't help me . I'm getting Total by using if else : $F{Row}.intValue() == 10000?" Total " : $F{Row} . In short how can hide table column border only for id = 10000? RowNameMondaythursday wednesday1John5454252Mike453545Total 9989701Peter3557632Harry242835Total 598598
  14. Thanks, man the problem was that in the " - " and when i renamed it to " _ " everthing worked out. You are the best, thanks ^^
  15. Hi, guys I'm trying to upload main report with a subreport to a jasper server. There is an image in my subreport and i have renamed it as "repo: SS-PU.jpg" also the subreport is named the same way: "repo: subreport.jrxml" . But i get this error Repository file resource /reports/PeU_test/ExamProtocol_blank31_files/SS-PU.jpg could not be loadedIf i try to upload the subreport without an image there is no problem it works but i need the picture to be inside the subreport ... In short can some one tell me how to upload a subreport to a main report with an image inside the subreport.
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