How transfert iReport reports to jasper studio reports ? 

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I used iReport and i study jasper studio. How transfert iReport reports to jasper studio reports ? 

All my reports in iReport


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2 Answers:

I haven't used iReport, but have you tried transferring the XML from iReport to Jasper Studio? Create a dummy report in Jasper Studio (just run through wizard, create a report using A4 page with empty source, click finish), and then copy the XML from iReport and paste it into the "Source" tab XML for Jasper Studio.

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iReport is using older version of JasperReports library which is not 100% compatibility with the default Jaspersoft Studio library.

Have you tried specifying JasperReports library version in Jaspersoft Studio to match those of iReports?

From the Jaspersoft Studio menu, select "Window" - > "Preferences". Select "Jaspersoft Studio" -> "Compatibility". In "Source .jrxml Version, pull down "Version" and select the version of iReport.


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