Create Dashboard Report in Jasper server or Jasper Studio

Currently, I only have ireport 4.0.1 on my machine at work. I need a complete information to ask my supervisor to provide me with required softwares to be able to try dashboard report. But this has been confusing me so far, do I need jasper server or jasper studio or both to create interactive dashboard report?

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2 Answers:

The answer depends on how you want to create your dashboards and what you want them to do.  Overall, Jaspersoft Studio is a report-building tool and Jaspersoft Server is a web application that lets you display and share reports.  Frequently, you use them together. So you can:

  1. Create a report in Jaspersoft Studio that looks like a dashboard. Then you still have to display it somehow. This could be in your own application.
  2. Use a commercial version of JasperReports Server to reports into a simple dashboard.  I believe this supports reports uploaded from Jaspersoft Studio as well as Ad Hoc reports built in the server. 
  3. Use visualize.js to create dashboards. This requires a commercial version of the server. Again, I believe the reports can be created directly on the server or uploaded from Jaspersoft Studio to the server.

In general, you are more limited in scope in the reports you create directly on the server. You can create more elaborate reports in Jaspersoft Studio and upload them to the server. Once you have reports on the server, wherever they come from, you can display them in a dashboard using the simple dashboarding mechansim built into commercial versions of the server, or using visualize.js.

The visualize.js manual is here:

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iReport do not support dashboard.

To use a dashboard, you'll need JasperReports Server. Dashboard has gone major changes and older versions are not compatible with newer versions so it is recommended to use the most recent version of JasperReports Server.

Jaspersoft Studio is not strictly required to use a dashboard unless you need to create pixel perfect reports to display in your dashboard.

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