Small records and jasper taking too much time to generate report


Hi everyone,


I am using JasperSoft 5.2.0 with Apache Tomcat. There are few reports who returns around 8K records but while filling data to report, it's taking too much time to generate the result.

Can we change in Virtulizer in this situation or any other way like  server settings ?

currently we are using FileVirtualizerFactory class.


Thanks in advance

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1 Answer:


Virtualizer is used when JasperReports needs more memory than the memory allocated to the jvm. Using it would actually slow down the report generation.

First, JasperReport Server 5.2.0 is too old and buggy so recommend that you version up especially because it's no longer supported.

Second, you probably need to increase the memory allocated to your JVM. JasperReports requires a large amount of memory. I recommend above 8GB.

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