Typeahead Input Control using Visualize.js?

We have a single select input control that currently has an unmanageable number of values. It is not something that can be easily filtered down with a cascading input control. We'd like to implement a typeahead input control so that the user can type a few characters of the name they're looking for and then we'll make a call via visuallize and get the results back from the server. Due to the number of values, we need this search to happen on the server side, not the client side (i.e. we don't want to retrieve all possible values from the server and then just do a typeahead via JS on the client).

Can this be done with Visualize?

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1 Answer:

Yes. In fact, I've done it. I just call visualize.js to fetch a report when "Enter" is pressed. You can use any library that fits your need to get the typeahead functionality.

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