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  1. Hello, Please refer to the below documentation to set the compatibility of the Studio with earlier verison.
  2. Hello Oscar, Can you please let me know what exact error are you getting for the Data adapter?
  3. Problem: In the 9.0 version of the Jasperserver, we have introduced an option 'Use a blank JRXML' which takes the user to webstudio. There can be a use case where the admins would like to disable the option for the users. Solution: To remove the 'select blank jrxml' option you will need to remove the below code from the jasperserver-pro\WEB-INF\jsp\modules\addResource\reportSteps1_2.jsp file, clear the Tomcat cache, and restart the Tomcat. Please take a backup of the reportSteps1_2.jsp before making the changes. <spring:bind path="wrapper.source"> <li id="blankTemplate" class="leaf"> <div class="control radio complex"> <label class="wrap" for="BLANK_TEMPLATE" title="<spring:message code='resource.report.blankJRXML'/>"> <spring:message code="resource.report.blankJRXML"/> </label> <input class="" id="BLANK_TEMPLATE" type="radio" name="${status.expression}" title="<spring:message code="resource.report.blankJRXML"/>" value="BLANK_TEMPLATE" <c:if test="${status.value=='BLANK_TEMPLATE'}">checked="checked"</c:if>/> </div> <div class="browser"> <label title="<spring:message code="resource.report.blankJRXML"/>" for="resourceUri" class="control browser<c:if test="${status.error || wrapper.source=='BLANK_TEMPLATE' && jrxmlUnparsable != null}"> error</c:if>"> </label> <span class="message warning"><c:if test="${status.error}">${status.errorMessage}</c:if></span> <c:if test="${status.error || wrapper.source=='BLANK_TEMPLATE' && jrxmlUnparsable != null}"> <span class="message warning">${status.errorMessage}<spring:message code="${jrxmlUnparsable}"/></span> </c:if> </div> </li> </spring:bind>
  4. Hello, The latest version of the Jasperserver is 9.0. To upgrade your 6.3 Japserserver to 9.0, please refer to the section "Upgrading JasperReports Server 6.4.x or Earlier" on page 51 of the below Upgrade guide for more details. https://docs.tibco.com/pub/js-jrs/9.0.0/doc/pdf/js-jrs_9.0.0_upgrade-guide.pdf?id=1
  5. Hello, You will find the 'Jaspersoft Studio Professional.ini' file in the folder where the studio is installed, for example like - C:\Program Files\Jaspersoft\Jaspersoft Studio Professional-8.2.0
  6. Hello, Please try to use the TIBCO Jaspersoft MS SQLServer (tibcosoftware.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver) driver provided by default with the Studio for the connection and let me know if it helps.
  7. Hello, It is not possible to download the community installer of the Jasperserver. Please refer to the below FAQs regarding the recent changes for more details.
  8. Hello, Can you please share the JRXML of your report to help me better understand the issue?
  9. Hello, Please refer to the below links for the platform support guide of the JasperReports products. https://www.jaspersoft.com/supported-platforms https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/?_ga=2.86297183.632996124.1704882850-308782066.1610711335
  10. Hello, Can you please let me know where exactly are you trying to use the concatenate function? Please share a screenshot for the same.
  11. Hello Muthu, You can download the jar from the below link from the download button after logging in to the website.
  12. Hello, Please share the JRXML of your report and the output screenshot or PDF export of the report to help us better understand the issue.
  13. Hello, I was not able to run your report locally as you have defined multiple datasets in your report but I could see that many of the text fields in your report have the text alignment set to left. Please refer to the attached screenshot. Please tweak the text alignment for the text fields as per your requirement and let me know if it helps.
  14. Hello, Please create a variable for the page number as seen in the attached screenshot and use it in the Page footer. I am also attaching a sample report which I have created using the Foodmart employee table where I was able to achieve your requirement. group_page_number.jrxml
  15. Hello, Please let us know if you have applied any customization to your Jasperserver. The UI seen in the screenshot does not seem to be from a default Jasperserver.
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