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  1. Hi, please see attached demo document. DateRangeExample.jrxml
  2. That's because MONTH-1 and its friends are so called DateRange-Expressions. They are used to instantiate a DateRage object. On that instance, you can call getStart() and getEnd() to obtain the start and end of the given DateRange.
  3. Hi, this is still present in version 8.2 (and later). When do you plan to address that in future releases?
  4. Hi, you can use a Subreport for that. Pass the summarized value as parameter. Subreport's data query is something like call orcale_function($PARAM) Then you either print that information directly OR you return the information via variables back the the calling report and use it there.
  5. Hi Kathrin, you can set these properties via properties on the report object: Jaspersoft Config Reference Search for PDF. We're a german based consulting company having a lot of Jaspersoft customers and many many skilled colleagues. If you need more help feel free to reach out: Gesprächsbedarf?! 🖐 Buchen Sie sich direkt einen Termin! 📅
  6. Hi, you can use the Grouping Feature of Jaspersoft and utilize a variable to summarize the value. You use the Artikelnummer as Group expression. In the group footer you insert the field Menge - Studio will show a wizard to create a variable. Put all other fields in there to - with no aggregation function. Leave Detail Band empty. We're a german based consulting company and have a lot of small Jaspersoft customers. If you're interested in more details, feel free to contact me. Gesprächsbedarf?! 🖐 Buchen Sie sich direkt einen Termin! 📅
  7. Hi, if your question is still valid: https://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/sample.reference/accessible/index.html
  8. Apparently there's a PDF Direct Print Driver available from ZEBRA. That should enable you to print a PDF.
  9. Perhaps you can use the display settings of the input controls (Top of Page, In Page, ...) to find a setting so that the input controls are always displayed. Then they could be prefilled accordingly.
  10. Could https://github.com/katjas/PDFrenderer be an option to render a PDF inside an image expression in Jaspersoft report? Utilizing the interface Graphics2DRenderable? https://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/api/net/sf/jasperreports/renderers/Graphics2DRenderable.html
  11. We migrated reports from Crystal Reports to Jaspersoft as part of a project and replicated them pixel-for-pixel. Stumbling blocks were the execution/display of the data query, the possibility to output data grouped in CR and to replicate the integrated drill-down functionality.
  12. Hi, without further information (bands, print when, …) we cannot help you.
  13. Hi, I would not use a table element here either. I see the use for it limited. It is possible to remove columns and the remaining columns slide up - but the space of the table is not fully used. For such a use case I would go for customized SubReports.
  14. Hello, This should actually work as a problem. Your idea behind it is correct: Depending on the value of the string (yes or no) a 1 or 0 is summed up. This gives the total sum of the records with yes. I would simply set the Initial Expression to 1. This will be overwritten with the first record anyway. I would set the Expression to $F{arret_dom} != null && $F{arret_dom}.exqualsIgnoreCase("oui") ? 1 : 0 Probably your comparison with == leads to a problem. This checks the equality of objects in Java. Two strings can have the same content but be different objects. Consider also the correct evaluation time of the text field in which you use this variable. Greetings, Johannes
  15. Hello Florian, that is possible and shows the versatile applicability of TIBCO Jaspersoft. Here I would use additional detail bands and include them based on Print-When-Expressions set accordingly. Best regards Johannes Held PRODATO
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