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Jasper Studio 6.3.0 - Month-1 issue with a 'create date' filter


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We've got a generic report built in studio that just lists a certain type of spend, and we've been asked to schedule it.  Not normally a problem as you can just enter 'month-1' in the date parameter within the schedule screen or in the report, however we had to use Studio for this one due to a duplicate line issue (related to GRN lines etc).

I've got all the generic filters available, so equals, before, after, between, on or after etc but I can't use Month-1 when entering details for the parameter like I can with Adhoc.

I'm assuming this is an easy amendment to the expression?  It currently looks like this, as we have it running from 01/08/23 -to date which is too much data:

new java.sql.Timestamp(new java.util.GregorianCalendar(2023,8,1,0,0,0).getTimeInMillis())

I've played around with the expression editor but my attempts so far just cause a crash when run.

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That's because MONTH-1 and its friends are so called DateRange-Expressions.
They are used to instantiate a DateRage object. On that instance, you can call getStart() and getEnd() to obtain the start and end of the given DateRange.

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Thanks; I've adjusted the class to be 'net.sf.jasperreports.types.date.DateRange' but it's the expression itself I have no clue about (hence the post!)

I found something online that seemed was doing the same thing but worked, but it was from almost a decade ago so I tried a variation using the fields we have:

($F{createdate}.compareTo({$P{CreateDate_0}}.getStart()) >= 0 && $F{createdate}.compareTo({$P{CreateDate_0}.getEnd()) <= 0

That just causes a crash with a 'can't find field' error.  'Createdate' is the field and 'CreatDate_0' is the parameter.


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