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  1. Please have a look here: http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/819079/cannot-check-status-assync-execution-using-restv2
  2. Hi, Do you have some idea on how much time is spend on the actual data fetch and how much time is spent on rendering the report. I feel, the issue is more related to the query on MongoDB than performance of the report server.
  3. @hozawa - I got the same error even after trying insert and then update. Basically the request does not have any difference in create and update, both are http 'put'.
  4. I am trying to find a way to setup CORS between a simple web-app and Jasperserver. The web-app being the primary application creates the user session cookies on the it's server side and then tries to set these back in the browser. Due to security policy of browsers this is not working. I have tried setting up CORS on tomcat to make this work but seems not working. Has anyone tried and made such a setup work? If yes, please do let me know how the CORS were setup and what what changes do you do the make the Set-Cookie header work properly between the cross domain part. Thanks.
  5. I am not sure what is going worng with the create user api with roles. Observations: 1. When fired without the roles it works fine, the payload is given below { "fullName": "unittestuser", "emailAddress": null, "enabled": true, "password": "39HN=K?E", "roles": null } 2. when same endpoint is invoked with the addition of roles then it fails giving the http error code 400 (bad request) { "fullName": "unittestuser", "emailAddress": null, "enabled": true, "password": "39HN=K?E", "roles": [ { "name": "unittest" }, { "name": "UsernamePasswordAuthentication" }, { "name": "Platform_NamedUser" }, { "name": "Platform_Anyone" }, { "name": "Platform_Metadata_MetadataInitializeUser" } ] } 3. The roles part works when the default roles shipped with Jaspersoft server installation are sent. { "fullName": "unittestuser3", "emailAddress": null, "externallyDefined": false, "enabled": true, "password": "39HN=K?E", "roles": [ { "name": "ROLE_USER" }, { "name": "ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR" } ] } I have checked the the new roles which I have created are present on the Jasperserver before the create user is hit, so I am not sure what is going wrong with the newly created roles. I am using REST api v2 for role creation as well as user creation. Let me know if anyone has a clue.
  6. You can send back the session cookies to the browser using http call to your application, the Set-Cookie header should do the job. Note: This method works for you app and jasperserver hosted on the same system, meaning the same host. Else if you want to use 2 different hosts you need to understand the CORS settings and use them in the right way to set cookies from other host.
  7. There is no ad-hoc support for SAML so far in JasperReports Server afaik.
  8. --- CLOSED --- I'll close this question as it started working after sometime with no reset to Jasper's tomcat or any other trick. Not sure what made it work though.
  9. Hi, I think the the metadata of the software gets corrupt when the following test case is followed 1. Use REST v2 apis to CREATE 2 organizations in a nested way, org1 and org2 in such a way that org1 is parent of org2. 2. Go to the jasperserver portal and using the jasperadmin user delete the org1 directly (I did that assuming org2 will be automatically deleted as it's the child of it). The delete works fine and org1 gets deleted and does not even show presence of org2. 3. Now, using REST v2 api try creating again org1 and org2 but this time, org1 succeds but org 2 fails giving the http error 403 (forbidden) I hope there is a way to clear that remaining parts of org2 somehow, I tried using REST v2 DELETE organization api but it failed saying 404 (not found).
  10. [Win based hosting] Check both services jasperreportsTomcat and jasperreportsPostgreSQL, sometimes tomcat gives 404 when the PostgreSQL is not running.
  11. Hi, I would like to know using the JasperReports Server Pro web based report designer can I add a drill-down functionaltiy? I know it can be done using Studio or iReports but I want to know if that's possible using the web-based designer. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I was trying out the JSON data adapter from JasperReports' Server 6.1. I understood that for simple json format the tool works just fine, but if the data is formatted as per the v1.0 specifiation of json then it does not work as expected. This works: [ { "userId": 1, "id": 1, "title": "sunt aut facere repellat provident occaecati excepturi optio reprehenderit", "body": "quia et suscipitnsuscipit recusandae consequuntur expedita et cumnreprehenderit molestiae ut ut quas totamnnostrum rerum est autem sunt rem eveniet architecto" }, { "userId": 1, "id": 2, "title": "qui est esse", "body": "est rerum tempore vitaensequi sint nihil reprehenderit dolor beatae ea dolores nequenfugiat blanditiis voluptate porro vel nihil molestiae ut reiciendisnqui aperiam non debitis possimus qui neque nisi nulla" }, { "userId": 1, "id": 3, "title": "ea molestias quasi exercitationem repellat qui ipsa sit aut", "body": "et iusto sed quo iurenvoluptatem occaecati omnis eligendi aut adnvoluptatem doloribus vel accusantium quis pariaturnmolestiae porro eius odio et labore et velit aut" } ] But, this does not work: { "list":{"@type":"Patients","@record-count":"10", "Patients": [ {"@code":"1","@fname":"rajesh","@lname":"gulati","@gender":"m","@caregiver":"1"}, {"@code":"2","@fname":"ramesh","@lname":"vohra","@gender":"m","@caregiver":"1"}, {"@code":"3","@fname":"lalit","@lname":"papad","@gender":"m","@caregiver":"1"}, {"@code":"4","@fname":"vinod","@lname":"pandey","@gender":"m","@caregiver":"1"}, {"@code":"5","@fname":"alka","@lname":"talati","@gender":"f","@caregiver":"2"} ] } } The domain query builder just fails with an exception. Are there ways to do a json query and select specific parts in data? -Vaibhav
  13. Hi, How can I have row level security (role based authorisation) on a SQL based data source in JasperReports Server 6.1? I see I can have role based secrutiy appiled to reports, dashboards etc, but could not find anything on the data level and too at the row/record level. Thanks.
  14. Hi hozawa, Thanks for the response, that is not the case, I can change the pay load and create fodler. The session is created for a organization_1 > jasperadmin user which is kind of a administration profile. Are there any working examples of the same? (i.e. creating datasource using resource api v1) Thanks
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