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  1. I only found a PDF merge sample code. Thank you for hozawa give suggestion on merging reports into PDF file. It's of great help.
  2. I only know how to export PDF file while don't know how to export merged pdf file. Hope to ge a guide about it.
  3. Some PDF page processing tool have PDF append feature that can help you append a PDF file to the end of a current PDF document and combine to a single PDF file. Here's the related guide for you: merge and append PDF
  4. I'm also try to find a way to create multiple PDF file, but I didn't find a good resource on it. Anyone can give some ideas on creating PDF file?
  5. So, you means you need to modify PDF page number? If it is, a PDF processing control or tool can help you, such as Adobe.
  6. I know some pdf converter supports converting PDF with Japanese, French and Arabic, but I still cannot find one support russian chars. Any solutions?
  7. You must be a developer and know much about PDF, I'm looking for control for converting PDF. I found PDF to Word converter and Excel to PDF convert, but I want to know is it possible to convert PDF to Excel or any control with it? Hope you can give some ideas on it. Thanks!
  8. There's related C#.net PDF converter which support convert PDF to Word and Excel to PDF. But I never found a jasper Excel to PDF conversion tool. And I don't know is it possible to convert PDF to Excel? I didn't found related resource. Hope someone can give ideas on it.
  9. I only found the guide of how to create a report without .jrxml http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4456779/how-do-i-compile-jrxml-to-get-jasper But for adding barbecue. I'm also looking for solution, hope any one can share a result. Beside, I also need to create barcode in jasper reports, I need to add code 128 rather than ean 128, but still thanks for upper solution.
  10. Hi, vspn For generating barcode in ireport, the easiest way is to use a ireport barcode generation control. Many resources are available on websites, and most of them provide trial for users, if you don't use it for bussiness, you can try any resources. I googled one for you: http://www.keepdynamic.com/barcoding/barcode-ireport.shtml And another way is to such a code sample and tutorial on CodeProject or Stackoverflow.
  11. I've never use barcode4j. I just searched it on google, and I found that it stoped update from 2011, and the latest version is released at 2010/12/15. So your this request can only be solved by other bar code control. I know you may not need this help, but I still hope it can help others. So if anyone need java bar code, please refer to following: For generating bar code in java class For scanning bar code from java applications
  12. cathyben3


    I don't know which bar code generation library you were using, if you using a paid license, you can contact the company of this SDK for a updata, If you had used a free resource, i suggest you try some other resources, I heard a lot of people mentioned Zxing bar code, you can refer to its bar code generation libray for ireport. Good luck.
  13. I know this error with Barcode4J. So I've tested related java ean128 generator and finally found a resolution. Here's the reference for you: http://www.onbarcode.com/products/java_barcode/barcodes/ean_128.html http://www.onbarcode.com/jasper_reports/ If you have any other good ideas. Please share with me as well. Thanks. Best regards.
  14. iReport is a GUI tool to develop your reports which helps you to check how your jasper report (.jrxml) look like once generated. Your report may contain some complex queries, some business functions that i believe you dont want to expose to your client. If you provide iReport, just to run the report, you may expose many other things also. Second thing, iReport is commercial, so you may need to pay for it's usage at different end. However I am not sure how they charge you on what basis. As per my suggestion, jut to execute/run the report at client end, 1. prepare a report using iReport in your development environment, 2. Identify a way to run the report at client end (ie. a java program, or a jsp or an applet and other alternates) and 3. Deploy it. You will not need to install iReport at client end. Hope this helps.
  15. It's my pleasure to answer your question. Here's a sample code for you: package br.com.tce.support;/** BcImage.java** Created on 20. April 2004, 13:21*///package it.businesslogic.ireport.barcode;/**** @author Heiko*/import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;import net.sourceforge.barbecue.BarcodeFactory;public class BcImage { private static net.sourceforge.barbecue.Barcode bc = null; public static net.sourceforge.barbecue.Barcode getBarcode() { return bc; } public static BufferedImage getBarcodeImage(int type, Object aText, boolean showText, boolean checkSum) { // 2of7, 3of9, Bookland, Codabar, Code128, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, Code39, EAN128, EAN13, GlobalTradeItemNumber, Int2of5, Int2of5, Monarch, NW7, PDF417, SCC14ShippingCode, ShipmentIdentificationNumber, SSCC18, Std2of5, Std2of5, UCC128, UPCA, USD3, USD4, USPS String text = new StringBuffer().append(aText).toString(); try { switch (type) { case 0: bc = BarcodeFactory.create2of7(text); break; case 1: bc = BarcodeFactory.create3of9(text, checkSum); break; //case 2: bc = BarcodeFactory.createBookland(text); break; case 3: bc = BarcodeFactory.createCodabar(text); break; case 4: bc = BarcodeFactory.createCode128(text); break; case 5: bc = BarcodeFactory.createCode128A(text); break; case 6: bc = BarcodeFactory.createCode128B(text); break; case 7: bc = BarcodeFactory.createCode128C(text); break; case 8: bc = BarcodeFactory.createCode39(text, checkSum); break; case 9: bc = BarcodeFactory.createEAN128(text); break; //case 10: bc = BarcodeFactory.createEAN13(text); break; case 11: bc = BarcodeFactory.createGlobalTradeItemNumber(text); break; //case 12: bc = BarcodeFactory.createInt2of5(text, checkSum); break; case 13: bc = BarcodeFactory.createMonarch(text); break; case 14: bc = BarcodeFactory.createNW7(text); break; case 15: bc = BarcodeFactory.createPDF417(text); break; case 16: bc = BarcodeFactory.createSCC14ShippingCode(text); break; case 17: bc = BarcodeFactory.createShipmentIdentificationNumber(text); break; case 18: bc = BarcodeFactory.createSSCC18(text); break; //case 19: bc = BarcodeFactory.createStd2of5(text, checkSum); break; case 20: bc = BarcodeFactory.createUCC128("", text); break; //case 21: bc = BarcodeFactory.createUPCA(text); break; case 22: bc = BarcodeFactory.createUSD3(text, checkSum); break; case 23: bc = BarcodeFactory.createUSD4(text); break; case 24: bc = BarcodeFactory.createUSPS(text); break; } bc.setDrawingText(showText); return net.sourceforge.barbecue.BarcodeImageHandler.getImage(bc); } catch (Exception e) { //generate a runtime exception, invalid value passed. //the user must be notified if fail throw new RuntimeException(e.getMessage()); //return null;[/code]And I also found a tutorial about how to use bar code in jasper reports in java. Hope these references can help you solve the mistakes in generating code 39 in irepot. Hope the post can also help some novices. Good luck.
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