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  1. Hi all, Good evening, I Created JRXML File in that Table is created With 12 columns .If 12 Coulmns is availible Report Shows Center ailgned. In 12 column 2 column is condition is flag is enabled display column. other wise not showing column. Condition is perfectly working . My problem is 2 column is missed then that table not ailgned properly. Please anybody help me.. Thanks & Regards, Mastanrao S.
  2. Hi all, Good Morning , I am Created reports in Jasper server . I am calling this report application. When i am runing a report in IE browser.Loading symbol background show is diaplying then How to remove the shadow . Please Find The attachment . Please any body help me.. Thanks & Regards Mastanrao S
  3. Hi all , Good Morning, First i crated topic .Based On topic created adhoc chart in stackedbar. If i Click on bar then go another report .but i don't know how to implement another report. Please any body help me this is my urgent requirement. Thanks & Regards, Mastanrao S
  4. Hi renssak Report Schedule --> Create Schedule --> Notifications In Dont send emails Option is there. select this . Find the attachment.
  5. Hi All, I created adhoc chart .In chart less data is avaliable like count 1 is X- axis showing 0.25,0.5,1,1.25. If any point X-axis shows only Integer or number with out decimals. Anyone knows Please help me..! Thanks& Regards, Mastanrao S.
  6. Hi arrivaldwisentosa, You are task is cross tab. I send an attachment for creating sample cross tab. Thanks & Regards, Mastanrao Segu
  7. thanks for giving reply.., actually my application supports I18N feature and timezones also. Ican take timezone id value to input control to the reports time zone id dates input controls to default value to that specific value to the timezone times display . then i no need hidden parameter value application send to the timezone value like pst,ist,est will take that input default time is to display the input control. How to handle this problem. Thanks & Regards, Mastanrao S.
  8. HI narayana.vr, I will give another idea of this problem can you write query date_format ($F{DoB},'%m/%d/%Y') .Insteded of Using Simple Date format method. Thanks & Regards, Mastanrao S
  9. Hi all, Runtime pass parameter value and how to take that value as another parameter default value? Scenario is: [/code]I have from date ,to date, timezone three parameter is avalible for report. from date ,todate default expression is : new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy").format(new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy").parse(Calendar.getInstance(TimeZone.getTimeZone($P{timezone})).get(Calendar.MONTH)+1+"/"+Calendar.getInstance(TimeZone.getTimeZone($P{timezone})).get(Calendar.DATE)+"/"+Calendar.getInstance(TimeZone.getTimeZone($P{timezone})).get(Calendar.YEAR)).getTime()) timezone default expression is : "PST" When I am Running report a i Pass parameter time zone value is : "IST" Problem is Here: from date and todate displaying PST time not IST time . Please any one help me.....! Thanks&Regards, Mastanrao
  10. Hi, JasperReports Server running a report if more column exists in report problem is occurred. If drag the scroll bar header is extended to window size. Then i changed CSS file but i could not solve it. Please any one help me.
  11. Hi, I have Jasper Server 5.5 installed in my system. login to super user Credentails. After I selected defult themes. When Report running in jasper server when I selected Input Control label is Showing Hyper link and different color .How to remove this hyper link and color. Please any one can help me...,
  12. I Created a report in Jasperserver .when runing a report pc browser is working fine.But The report is lunched in IPAD browser report is Open then immediately browser is Closed. why this happen? Another Question Is Opening reports I place cursor in to input control label cursor is showing hyper link .How to remove the hyper link ? Please any one Help me.
  13. let me explain the senerioa, I have two data base first one is jasper server db .In that jasper server reports is avaliable. and second one is my application db in that members profile is there . Iam creating job scheduling for report in that how to set the member email id to the to address text box dynamically into job scheduling and email notifications. this is URGENT for me, Please any one help me
  14. Let me explain you a scenario In my project : I have a 3 parameters in which 2 are visible and 1 is invisible so i would like to know the how to set up the value for invisible parameter in job scheduling. Ex :Invisible parmeter can be a Administrator , Staff and Members This is a kind of URGENT pl help me.
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