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  1. Here is what I did for the moment, not ideal but better than public schedules; Created a folder and set of READ and EXECUTE permissions for each group. Duplicated the common reports to each of the folder and only users within those group have permissions to READ and EXECUTE on those folders. This does not prevent someone to see that someone else has a scheduled report but at least if prevent them from seeing the parameters of the job. What would be nicer is to associate some permissions on the job itself, where the default would be private, but a user might decide to expose it to the group or just make it public. Also permission to see/edit the job based on roles would be nice as well. xxx_READ would only show there is a schedule xxx_EDIT would allow to edit that schedule. So a schedule could have the permissions xxx_EDIT but not yyy_EDIT and therefore only users of group xxx would be able to edit the schedule.. Hopefully this can be added in a future release of the CE.
  2. We need to hide the list of reports sheduled by other users. Here is what we have so far; We created many ROLES that correspond to some user group. We then created users that beloing to one or many groups. for example; GROUPS: USG1_READ, USG1_EXECUTE, USG2_READ, USG2_EXECUTE USERS: USER1 has USG1_READ, USG1_EXECUTE, ROLE_USER USER2 has USG2_READ, USG2_EXECUTE, ROLE_USER each user is allow to schedule reports. We would like users to only see/(edit?) schedules from their own group. Currently all reports are stored in the ROOT folder for easier maintenance. We use to have a copy of the report in each group subfolder but that became unmanageable during report updates.. Any suggestions someone? Thanks
  3. What I did is to download a fresh copy of the default theme from the web interface (tree on the left). Then I applied my customisation back to it and then uploaded the theme back to the server via the web interface again.
  4. Finally got it fixed. Yes it was a problem iwth my custom theme. I took a fresh copy of the default theme and then applied my changes on top and then saved it back as a new theme and it all worked.
  5. I restored a backup from my community edition which has no organization. I had created a new theme but even without using it (meaning using the default theme) I have the issue with my users but not with the superuser. I just tried again the superuser and set the custom theme from the organisation as active and still good for that user. I will now deleted the theme and still the same for both users.. bad with any users from the "organization_1" and good for those without organization.
  6. Hi, I think i am getting somewhere here but still no clue how to fix it in Community and/or Commercial (PRO) version It seem to be happening only when the user belong to an "organisation" I created a test user that has the proper roles but not belonging to any organisation and it works. Now I need to find a way to remove them from any organisation or find a way to fix it permanently. Any idea?
  7. Basically I see that for all reports, mine of the samples. Today I have installed JRS on Amazon, the pro version. OOTB it show proper headers. Then I imported my set of reports and users. When I connect using one of my user (mine for instance) it show my problem, regardless of the sample reports or my own. When using "superuser" i dont get this on either reports. It seem to be associated to some roles or user profile.. I will keep investigating unless you have an idea. Ok, i tried, still on the Pro version, to add a new user, and still same issues. So far only the "superuser" does not have the issue. Thanks
  8. Hi again, i dont know if that make a difference but I am using the Community Edition.
  9. I tried with 2 different Themes and still have the same results. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Now Opera on Mac you can see it is constant that the top of the report is all screwy on the display. The "search report" box is half way out of the stat bar header, the large zoom arrow are ... well easy to understand when looking at the screenshot bellow; /sites/default/files/images/Screen%20Shot%202015-01-28%20at%2014_37_23.png
  11. here is a sample report from Safari on Mac /sites/default/files/images/Screen%20Shot%202015-01-28%20at%2014_15_28.png
  12. I tried IE, Chrome and Safari on Windiows 7, 8.1 and Mac Yosemite It's when you do a run now of the report. Can you attach a screen shot of what it should look like?
  13. It seem that version 6.0.1 added soem options to Zoom the report but it looks terrible and I would like to maybe hide to options. Is there any way to fix it or maybe just hide it?
  14. Hi, I have two main issues with 6.0.1 My first one is the the input parameter of "Select Query" Single or Multiple The same report was working fine on 5.2 and now here is what I see; Now if I use the "Radio" version of the same control i get this; Any idea how to fix this?
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