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  1. Thanks Marianol for your replay they have both ROLE_PUBLIC and ROLE _USER...
  2. I think you should add the the right of "execute" to the " input control folder " / FOR your role as a user
  3. Hello, Already I published a post wich is in italic..but it is not the real problem. The problem is that jasper ireport built with an existing input control ( in a generic folder of input control) and deployed in the server , when I open the report , it cannot be saved as . However when the input control is created locally in the deployed report ..the save as works. Could you plz help me to understand why or to resolve it? thanks a lot Asma my first question wish is wrong.. In JSR, I have * 3 folders : Public Folder + Personal Folder A + Personal Folder B * 2 users : user_A + user_B * 2 roles : ROLE_PUBLIC and ROLE_USER affected to the user_A and user_B user_ A can not see the Personal Folder B and user_ B can not see the Personal Folder A. here is the grid of rights acess : ROLE_USERROLE_PUBLICPublic FolderREAD ONLYREAD ONLYPersonal Folder ANO ACCESSNO ACCESS (ROLE) USER : user A : ADMINISTER Personal Folder BNO ACCESSNO ACCESS (ROLE) USER : user B: ADMINISTER my problem is that, user A can consult the reports in public folder but can not "save as" them in his personal folder. could you please help me to know why it does not work? I tried to save as a report example from the the Public folder of jasper and IT works...SO I think that the problem comes from the rights given to my users but I can not afford it. thanks for help. and plz feel free to ask me quesitons if my message is not clear. Asma.
  4. I m trying to define parameters of colors for a stacked area, using a table of colors in the database. So that I can define a specific color for each level (serie). I think the way to resolve it is by a chart customizer. but I m' not sure that the html5 chart has a chart customizer property. I have 2 questions : where I can add the chart customizer in the html5 chart? and if this is not possible .. How can I resolve my problem of parametrizing colors? if i m not clear please ask feel free to ask me questions about it. Thanks a lot.. Asma
  5. In jasper server I have to manage access for 10000 users belonging to 3 roles (ROLE_A, ROLE_B, ROLE_C). In a ROLE_A, for example, I want that each user has a personnal folder that he only can manage and can see the content of. The problem is that in jasper, I can't afford it , the only possibility that I have is to manage the access of each personal folder by his user. wish is not convinient. I want to do that by Role..or other methods. Is anyone has an idea about that? thanks a lot for your answers. If my message is not clear, Please, feel free to ask me precisions. Asma
  6. thanks a lot Saurabh, I did not see your answer before... I' ll try it..and tell you Asma
  7. Hello, I m using Jaspersoft Version 5. I want to hide menus / bleu band for the Role_USER but not For the role_Administrator. For that, I used the procedure page 153-158 "customizing Menus". So I modified the 3files : actionModel-navigation.xml / homeforNonDemo.jsp / applicationcontext-security.xml but i get some problems : Even if i put that : <context name="main_home_mutton" test="checkAuthenticationRoles" testArgs="ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR"/> <context name="main_library_mutton" test="checkAuthenticationRoles" testArgs="ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR"/> I still see the library. So how can I hide it fot the user? and i got a message 'Access Denied" . So how to not show that? I my post is not clear plz say it to me to give more explanation thanks a lot The attatchment shows what i get.
  8. Hello, I tried the instructions bellow , but it doesn't work..i think smth is missing...because my log file doesn't change...even if i modified the data strategy to DEBUG, then i create an adhoc file as a super user.... (wiki : http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/how-do-i-get-mdx-query-my-adhoc-crosstab-report/edit) Starting with version 4.1 of JasperReports Server (w/ OLAP and Ad-Hoc functionality enabled) you can create Crosstabs in the browser. What happens if you want to see the generated MDX for use in traditional MDX views? Simply log in as superuser, go to the Manage => Log Settings menu and change: com.jaspersoft.ji.adhoc.strategy.MDXDataStrategy to DEBUG Then in ../WEB-INF/logs/jasperserver.log you should see the MDX (and text results): WITHSET [selectedMeasures] AS '{[Measures].[Avg Sale Amount], [Measures].[Avg Time To Close (Days)]}'SELECT{[selectedMeasures]} ON COLUMNS,{Hierarchize({[Close Period].[Year].Members, [Close Period].[Quarter].Members, [Close Period].[Month].Members})}ON ROWSFROM [salesAnalysis] 2011-05-23 17:56:10,482 DEBUG MDXDataStrategy,http-8080-5:114 - mdx query result:| | Avg Sale Amount | Avg Time TO Close (Days) |+------+---+-----------+-----------------+--------------------------+| 2002 | | | $3,426.11 | 23 || | 4 | | $3,426.11 | 23 || | | November | $1,288.00 | 12 || | | December | $3,770.97 | 25 |)
  9. hi Thomas, thanks for your answer I m looking for a solution to help me display my data as in table 2 of the the attached document /sites/default/files/files/jasper_brrak(2).docx In BO the notion of break is the solution of this issue. but in jasper i don't know how to resolve that. thanks in advance
  10. hi Thomas, thanks for your answer I m looking for a solution to help me display my data as in table 2 of the the attached document. if the attached document is not dispalyer i ll try again to post an answer thanks in advance.
  11. Hello, I want use "break" as in businessObjects, in jasper ireports we have break but i don't thinfk it has the same meaning as in BO Can you plz show me which is the equivalent tool of Business Objetcs break in jasper ? thnks a lot
  12. Hi, I create an adhoc chart and it works fine in the adhoc part. but when i register it as a report and i launch it . It doesn't work I have only an emty page. have you ever face this problem? Could you plz help me? thanks!
  13. I m new at jasper. I should create a report which recuperate data in text boxes and a crosstab with a drilldown feature. to do that, i create a report having textboxes by ireport and a adhoc crosstab with adhoc module of Jasper server. My problem is that i want to add the two reports . i thought of 2 methods : but i have problems with both and i don't know which one is the best? 1st : using dashboard : the dashboard allow me to add my 2 reports but the problem is that i loose the drill down feature of the adhoc crosstab. in addition, i m looking on how to add an input control to synchronize the update of the 2 reports. 2sd: using ireport by importing the adhoc crosstab on ireport and then add the textboxes missing. BUT the preview of the adhoc crosstab doesnt work and it gives me this error : "ompiling to file... C:UsersAdministrateurAppDataLocalTemp2jstmpfile_1368626073026.jasper Errors compiling C:UsersAdministrateurAppDataLocalTemp2jstmpfile_1368626073026.jasper! Compilation exceptions: com.jaspersoft.ireport.designer.compiler.ErrorsCollector@47aebbd net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Errors were encountered when compiling report expressions class file: 1. Only a type can be imported. com.jaspersoft.ji.adhoc.service.AdhocEngineServiceImpl resolves to a package import com.jaspersoft.ji.adhoc.service.AdhocEngineServiceImpl; <----------------------------------------------------> 1 errors 1. Only a type can be imported. com.jaspersoft.ji.adhoc.service.AdhocEngineServiceImpl resolves to a package import com.jaspersoft.ji.adhoc.service.AdhocEngineServiceImpl; <----------------------------------------------------> 1 errors at net.sf.jasperreports.engine.design.JRAbstractCompiler.compileReport(JRAbstractCompiler.java:204) at com.jaspersoft.ireport.designer.compiler.IReportCompiler.run(IReportCompiler.java:512) at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$Task.run(RequestProcessor.java:572) at org.openide.util.RequestProcessor$Processor.run(RequestProcessor.java:997)" can you plz to show me wich solution is better? or any other solution? thanks a lot Asma
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