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  1. Hi guys, I have a folder with a simple report, me and the others users that has the "only read" role, can access too. But, running the report the users with the "only read", cannot see the input controls, instead me, with administrator rule can see it. I already check all permissions, either the "group roles" than the "individual role"... both doesn't work. Other thing i do, is create the folder and the report from nothing, and other case, copying and paste de report into a random folder, applyng the permission to the target user, in the end nothing works too... Any idea for a trick, bug or something are welcome! Tnks in advance!
  2. Hi guys... A new question! :P I have this cenario: JasperServer - Aplication(something like Visual Basic, but not...) Inside of the application i have an object that simulate a web browser... inside him i access the reports on jasperserver through url with some parameters. At this point everything ok. So, i want to export the report to xls, BUT after clicking it tries to open a new window (i.e) e then an error is throw: "The system was unable to complete you request. Your conversation may have ended, expired, or been invalidated" My guess is the action of open a new window to download the xls loses the session...but this is the default way that jasperserver works... I make tests trying to export through other browser(google chrome, for example) without the application, and it works fine...(he open a new window quickly and downdoad begins...) So, there is a way to put some parameters always when user click on link exports?... i pretty sure that parameters not comes from the app, because the link to export is created by the jasperserver...(right?) How to figure this out? Tnks in advance!
  3. Hi guys, I don't know if i make a bad research but i didn't find how to hide all of screen, except the report it self... I want to remove the title with the home and logout link at report executed on jasperserver.... But i would like to do this through parameters on URL, without making configurations at files on server... It's possible do that? Tnks in advance...
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