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  1. Ah hah! That's exactly what I needed for the Advanced tab of my ad hoc chart. It would be great if the various options shown in this screen shot were on the page at https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/advanced-chart-formatting -- I had no idea that .distance was an option, let alone all of the other ones shown on this screen shot.
  2. Maybe check your log files and see if an error is being recorded that isn't showing up in the interface?
  3. I would like to put an annoucement banner similar to how you can do it in Jira (example screen shot attached) to let my users know of some upcoming maintenance. Is that possible in JasperReports Server 7.1? I can't find a way to do it in the documentation but perhaps I'm searching for the wrong terms.
  4. In step 10 it says add parameter at the end "like below" -- but the image doesn't show anything and that's the part I'm trying to figure out. I can get it to open the other report, but it doesn't pass a parameter.
  5. Sigh, I was hoping I'd see the answer to this question when it came up in my search results I'm here 5 years later with the same issue. I'm a user, not a sysadmin.
  6. I tried running this report as both myself logged in via SiteMinder, and directly as superuser. It doesn't pick up logged in SiteMinder users... only SuperUser itself. Which isn't helpful when you want to reboot the server and see who is using it.
  7. Did you ever find a way? I'm looking for the same thing
  8. I am trying to create an ad hoc crosstab view. I just want to know how many records there are in total per year with particular values, and the average over the multiple years. E.g. Cause20192020AverageCause #151510Cause #2100050Cause #3000Electrical502.5Fire Use Escape1312377But since the way I'm counting how many of each cause there are in a given year is by using a calculated measure with a formula of 1, I just get the average of 1 each time. I am using JasperReports Server Professional 7.1 (web interface)
  9. @C-Box I sure wish I could comment directly on the answers. I don't think I can use that Java code in the web interface. There aren't categories, etc. Only Columns and Rows. See screen shot link in previous comment.
  10. what I've got so far..... Screen shot should be below but it's not showing up.... you can also see it at https://ibb.co/6FZ97qg
  11. Ugly final formula. Concatenate(IF(MonthNumber("Ignition Date/Time") <= 9, '0', ''), MonthNumber("Ignition Date/Time"), '-', MonthName("Ignition Date/Time")) Is there a better way??
  12. Nope. that doesn't help my sort issue. Now I get 1-January, then 10-October etc. Sigh.
  13. @danoldenkamp I thought I had done that, but perhaps I hadn't done all the things at the same time. What I've got now is a calculated Field for year with formula = Year("Ignition Date/Time") in the Columns section, along with a calculated Measure for Num with formula = 1. In the Rows section, I have another calculated Field for month with formula MonthNumber("Ignition Date/Time"). This seems to be pretty close to what I was looking for. I was hoping for "January" rather than 1, but if I use the MonthName formula instead, it puts them in alphabetical order so it starts with April and August and ends with September. So I guess I can do a concatenate of both to do 1-January etc.
  14. After posting the above, I found "Time Series" but it won't allow me to select Month, only Day or less. I need to compare 10 years of data so Day will be very messy .. and it still seems to want to do it as a series of days from first to last rather than multiple lines.
  15. I am using JasperReports Server Professional 7.1 (web interface) I'm trying to create an AD HOC VIEW line graph that has one line for each year of my date field, similar to the example at the top of https://www.pivot-table.com/2014/05/14/compare-years-in-pivot-chart/ but instead I'm getting a single line for the entire time series, more like the example shown on that web page under "Create a pivot chart". I have mine grouped by Month, but I'm still only getting a single line and the X axis has January 2016 at the far left and October 2019 at the far right. What I want is January at the left and December at the right, and a line for 2016, a different line for 2017, etc. The layout I have currently which is the closest I can get is: Chart Type: Line graphColumns: A calculated field counting the number of resultsRows: my date field, grouped by monthRows data slider all the way at the rightAny assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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