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  1. I have created an adhoc view in jasper server . Data is showing in preview. But when I am creating report from that server , it is showing empty. and also export to pdf /excel also empty.
  2. I have created a adhoc view in jasper server but when it exporting to pdf showing blank.
  3. I have a query like this SELECT * FROM CATEGORY CAT WHERE CAT.CAT_CAT_NO =$P{employerRefNumber} Now I want to pass in cluse in where condition like SELECT * FROM CATEGORY CAT WHERE CAT.CAT_CAT_NO in ($P{employerRefNumber} ) value of employerRefNumber should be 'C001','C002' like this. Kindly guide me proper sysntex of this query in jasper report
  4. Server setting is not showing in Jasper server pro enterprise version 7.8. How can I get the same?
  5. While I create a query in jasper server, I am not able to run it. Run is disabled. Could you help me on the same.
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