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  1. Leo Do you mean you want to keep the tree visible all the time even when you open resources like report? -Alex
  2. David Do you have the release candidate of JS 3.0, or final release? The bug exists in the release candidate, and should have already been fixed in the final release. -Alex
  3. Sulaiman Are you using release 3.0? It allows multiple deletion. -Alex
  4. Todd Yes, the objects are stored in the repository (in the form of db tables), not directly on hard drive. -Alex
  5. Rubern There might be DB schema changes between two different versions. The change is that you might get some errors at run time, depending on what you might be doing. -Alex
  6. Ruber Could you post the log file? Assuming you are using tomcat, you can go to $TOMCAT_HOME/logs/stdout_<timestamp>.log e.g. $TOMCAT_HOME/logs/stdout_20080722.log The stack trace in the log file, if any, could give a hint what the issue mihgt be.
  7. David In JasperServer, there is an icon on the top left corner to bring the user from child report to the parent report. -Alex
  8. Vinvar Make sure the permissions are set correctly. I've seen cases that permissions were set to non-writable, and hence the reports can be "saved" into the target folder.
  9. Dashboarding is only available in the Pro version
  10. Looks like it's timed out, and the ajax returns didn't take care of the case. At the mean time, logging off and back in will solve that problem.
  11. Some of the functionality that's available only in Pro version include: Dashboarding Adhoc Report Designer Saved Report Options Portlet Support, etc
  12. Dimas I tried it on a fresh install copy, and I had no problem logging out as a non-admin user (e.g. joeuser). Did you change some permission since the installationg? -Alex
  13. I tried a few simple examples in the released version, and they worked fine for me. There are couple of known issues, e.g. if the domain name includes dash (-), it rejects the pattern. A bug has been filed for that matter. Post edited by: alex.chan, at: 2008/06/30 18:18
  14. Could you let us know what the format/pattern looks like?
  15. The source will be available soon, probably within 2 weeks, please look for the announcement. -Alex
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