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CMYK colours in PDF output


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Very new to this so spologies if I've missed something, but is it possible to set up a report that generates CMYK colours in the output PDF rather than RGB?


This is because I need to use the generated PDF in a document for professional digital print, not for on-screen or desktop-laser printing.


I'd also be interested to know if you can specify a spot colour+tint but that's not as important right now.


Many thanks,



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JasperReports currently only supports the default Java sRGB color space. The Java imaging libraries have support for CMYK, but I don't know how widely supported it is. For instance, the PDF library we use (iText) ended up writing its own implementation of the CMYK colors, which makes me guess that the built in support is minimal. I also don't know if the charting package supports CMYK.


I guess its doable, but nobody has done it to date. Want to volunteer? :)


Java has very poor support for spot colors, so that would be a significantly harder effort. The standard constructors for custom colors take a color space and a bunch of floating point numbers, so that won't handle spot colors, where I imagine the color space would be something like "PANTONE" and the color definition would be a string.



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I would like to know if anyone started on implementing the CMYK image model yet. I need to use CMYK colors for my PDF exports too. If nobody has, than I will probably implement it myself and provide it back to the Jasper community, but if somebody already started it, then maybe I can help or beta test it.





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A little bit late reply, but I have got some great news. I finally found some time to add CMYK support to JasperReports. I just have 2 quick questions to really get me started with this project:


Which version of Jasper should I use to add the support? Is it best to use the head from the repository or should I use the latest release version?

I would like to pass by some ideas with the community before implementing them, what is the best place to do this, should I just add updates to this forum thread, or should I use a different location?



My goal is to implement it in such a way that everybody is happy about it and so it can be added to the base of jasper. That's is why I'd like to pass by and discuss some of the ideas I have on the addition of CMYK support.




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and sorry for the late reply.


You can safely use the SVN head, the code is generally stable. But there's no issue in using the code of a release it you prefer it, it shouldn't be very difficult to merge a patch into the SVN head.

The discussions on the implementation should take place on this forum. You can create a new topic on this subject.[/ol]


Thank you for your efforts on improving JasperReports!


Best regards,


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