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  1. Hi, It has been a while, but I do have some great news. I have succeeded in adding CMYK support to JasperReports!! I do have some items that I need to take care of. Currently the addition of CMYK support consists of the following: Colors in the XML file can be entered as before. The addition of cmyk before the 4 CMYK color components will turn the color to CMYK. For example forecolor="cmyk 1.0 0.3 0.6 0.6" Colors entered in the programming model as CMYK, will also be written as CMYK colors to the XML file Images, if saves as CMYK images, will also be added as CMYK images within the PDF Because JFreeCharts uses the iText PDFGraphics2D for drawing. This means that CMYK colors will only work here if the CMYKColor class is used in the iText library. Using a customizerClass for the Chart, I am able to specify the chart in CMYK Colors. All the basic elements (tekst, line, circle and rectangle) have support for CMYK colors. Barcodes do not have support for CMYK colors yet.[/ul] So now I have the following questions, to complete the CMYK support for Jasper: Is the CMYK support for Charts oké this way, or should a translation from Java CMYK Colorspace to iText CMYKColor be added within JasperReports? I am really not sure of the CMYK support for the barcodes. Is there anybody who has worked with the barcodes and know an easy way to add CMYK support for these?[/ul] If I have solved these last issues, than I think that CMYK support for JasperReports is completed. Are there more cases which I should test? Also if CMYK support is done, it should be quite easy to add Pantone and Gray support to JasperReports. Regards, Sander Moelands
  2. Hi, Since nobody replyed to my previous post, I have decided to start the implementation of CMYK (and other colorspaces) using the default color model of Java. I will start implementing coming wednesday, so if anybody does want a different approach, you have time to submit your request until wednesday the 14th. Regards, Sander Moelands
  3. Hi Lucian, I just opened a new Thread for discussing the addition of CMYK support in JasperReports. I will post my ideas in that Thread. The Thread can be found here: Addition of CMYK Support in JasperReports Kind regards, Sander
  4. Hi, I'm going to add CMYK support to JasperReports and I opened this topic to discuss the ideas I have to implement this support. I will split the implementation in two phases. In the first phase I will add CMYK support throughout JasperReports but skip the renderers. In the second phase I will add CMYK support to the renderers as well.[/ul]The final implementation can only be added to JasperReports when both phases have been completed. I already did some analysis on the code for phase 1 and came up with the following conclusions: I believe that the basic JasperReport object should have an additional parameter which tells the report the color model on which it will be based (defaulting to RGB ). This can then be used throughout the code and for example in iReport to display the correct color selection boxes. At this point I can think of two possible ways of defining colors within JasperReports. Both ideas came from the fact that I believe that older reports should not be broken by the fact that a new ColorModel is introduced. I can either use the ColorSpace model that Java itself provides or I can add an additional JRColor element that is subclassed from the java.awt.Color class to remain fully backward compatible. [/ul]I do believe that using the tools java gave us (ColorSpace's) is the best solution here, also providing full backward compatibility. But I'd like to hear what other people think is the best solution. So please comment on this post, so that I can start with an implementation that everybody is happy about. Kind regards, Sander Moelands
  5. Hi, A little bit late reply, but I have got some great news. I finally found some time to add CMYK support to JasperReports. I just have 2 quick questions to really get me started with this project: Which version of Jasper should I use to add the support? Is it best to use the head from the repository or should I use the latest release version? I would like to pass by some ideas with the community before implementing them, what is the best place to do this, should I just add updates to this forum thread, or should I use a different location?[/ol] My goal is to implement it in such a way that everybody is happy about it and so it can be added to the base of jasper. That's is why I'd like to pass by and discuss some of the ideas I have on the addition of CMYK support. regards, Sander
  6. Hi Mike, I haven't got the manual or the ultimate guide. My biggest problem is that I can not seem to get the column break working the way I want it to. It keeps on giving a page break instead of a column break (I even changed the break in the XML to type Column). Do you still know how you fixed the column break? Kind regards, Sander Moelands
  7. Mike, can you tell us how you fixed this. Or has anybody else found out how the column break works?
  8. Hi, I am trying to do the following. I have a subreport that consistes of two columns with vertical filling of the detail band. When the Report is generated, the left side is filled until the bottom of the page and the filling is continued on the right side of the page. This is fine. The problem is when getting to the last page. The page is also filled on the left side first, and than stops when all the records are handled. The right side remains empty. What I want for this last page is Jasper to fill both sides evenly (starting at the left, going down and continuing on the right side). I do get this result when printing horizontally, but then my records are all messed up. Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Great thanks in advance Kind regards, Sander Moelands Post edited by: sandermoelands, at: 2007/06/08 15:17
  9. Hi, I would like to know if anyone started on implementing the CMYK image model yet. I need to use CMYK colors for my PDF exports too. If nobody has, than I will probably implement it myself and provide it back to the Jasper community, but if somebody already started it, then maybe I can help or beta test it. Regars, Sander
  10. :) Great!!! Thanks a lot!!! That fix did it, it works perfect now!! Once again thank you very much, will this fix also be included in the new version of JasperIntelligence?
  11. This is the subreport link I use from my main report to the first subreport: Code: <subreport isUsingCache="true"> <reportElement x="0" y="0" width="535" height="25" key="subreport-1" positionType="Float"/> <subreportParameter name="IssueID"> <subreportParameterExpression><![CDATA[$P{IssueID}]]></subreportParameterExpression> </subreportParameter> <connectionExpression><![CDATA[$P{REPORT_CONNECTION}]]></connectionExpression> <subreportExpression class="java.lang.String"><![CDATA["repo:BeleggingsStrategie"]]></subreportExpression> </subreport> This is the second subreport link I use from my first subreport: Code:[code] <subreport isUsingCache="true"> <reportElement x="0" y="98" width="531" height="76" key="subreport-1"/> <subreportParameter name="IssueID"> <subreportParameterExpression><![CDATA[$P{IssueID}]]></subreportParameterExpression> </subreportParameter> <subreportExpression class="java.lang.String"><![CDATA["repo:Beleggingen"]]></subreportExpression> </subreport> I placed them both in the "local" resources folder of the main report. Did I maybe incorrectly setup the folder structure in the repository of the JasperIntelligence server?
  12. Yes, the report does work properly from within iReport. I have one paramater that I need to supply with the main template and that is passed to all of the subreports. When I generate the report under JasperIntelligence, supplying the parameter with a control, it works for the main report with the first layer of subreports, but when I add the second layer of subreports, it brakes down. Could you supply a simple example of a multi subreport layer setup (that works for you? (for example just showing an id?
  13. Hello, I need some help with a report template that I'm trying to deploy on a JasperIntellegence server. When using a main template with multiple subreports, the generation of the report works perfectly. (The subreports are added as resource of the reportunit). When I try to use subreports in the subreports I already added, so: -main report --subreport ---subreport --subreport I get a NullPointerException when trying to generate the report. I've tried multiple links to different places in the repository, but nothing seems to be working. I also searched the forum for a similar problem, but couldn't find any. Is this a known problem with the Jasper Intelligence server? I'm using JasperIntelligence server version 1.0.1 deployed as a war file in a tomcat server version 5.5.17 I hope that someone can help me!! Thank you in advance! kind regards, Sander Moelands
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