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Posting again lol,


I have iReports v 1.2.5 (Compatability set to v 1.2.2).


With this setting I have successfully created jasper files, placed them into a reports directory to be used by my Java WebApp.


If I change compatablity I lose my bars on my charts this is when viewing in iReports viewer.


I am able to get Subreports working and displaying in iReports.


When I move to my Reports directory (all I am placing in Reports directory is the Master Jasper file and the SubReport Jasper file) Subreports no longer work. I get no error just a plank page where my pdf report should be.


Unless I prove this application to be something to use for the future I am unable to purchase the guide with company funds and unable to afford on my own. When I can demonstrate success by getting a report to work on our as400 then I will be able to purchase book to learn the finer details of the application.


I understand the moderators and other members of this forum have limited time and stand amazed they can answer as many questions as they do.


I am in need of something to help me, on my own, in getting iReports + JasperReports working. Please point me in the need directions to help me understand how to do so. I am new to Java also which doesn't help matters any. I come from a Microsoft shop background where examples are everywhere for most anything you want to do. With this though I feel like I have hit a brick wall at 100mph lol. There is an abundance of sites that may have answers but either in Spanish, Russian, and plethora of other languages that I am unable to comprehend. I can find nothing though that says ok, you want to do something, here are the steps and why.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe my googling skills were not up to the challenge :unsure:





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in iReport everything works because iReport put the current master report directory in the classpath, so if the subreport is located in the same directory, iREport will find it.



1. put your reports directory in the classpath

2. Provide to the report the complete path to locate the subreport jasper file (i.e. using a parameter)




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Thanks a million:woohoo: that was it.


Unfortunately it came too late and my boss has tasked another developer with coming up with a different solution than using iReports and JasperReports. So I am taken off the project.


Think you have a really nice application and much good luck.



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