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iReport fails to save document


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Hi Guys,


I posted a message couple of days back. Didnt see any responses. So trying to post again. I have installed iReports 1.2.5. When I try to start the tool, using desktop icon, it satrs fine. I can open the new document and work on it. But when I try to save the document, it hangs up. I am using java 1.4 JRE on Windows XP. Any help is greatly appreciated.







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I ran it using ireport.bat as you mentioned. It didnot throw even a single line of System.out/errors in the command prompt window. The following is the message that I see in the message section of the ireport designer console


iReport home ( ireport.home system property): .

User home ( user.home system property): C:Documents and SettingsSankurP.ireport

iReport default compile directory: .

iReport user home directory (iReport compiles here if there are no settings or the user hasn't selected to compile to the report directory): .



These are the steps I followed

1. Run iReports.bat from the installation folder.

2. In ireports select File -> New Document

3. Put some static text in the document.

4. Hit File -> Save


The system just hangs up. I tried installing it many times. But with same result. Is there any other way I can invoke, so that I can see StackTrace/System.out




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