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Keystone Ad hoc view - problem with custom filters


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I’m adding multiple filters to an ad hoc view and using “is one of” in order to select multiple values from a list.  When I created a custom filter expression that says: (A or B) and C and D, the filters that use “is one of” (A or B) automatically force you to select a value for filters A and B; when deselecting all values, the error message “Select one or more items” appears.

Does anyone know a way around this other that creating the same report in Jaspersoft Studio and controlling the input controls and parameters in SQL?

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This is not an issue specific to the filter expression but rather to the nature of the multi-select filters in AdHoc.
When you use multi-select, the Jaspersoft Domains generates a SQL query behind the scenes that uses an IN statement in the WHERE clause.

I tested something similar on my side and I got this query:

SELECT Sum("expense_fact3"."amount") AS "Sum_expense_fact3_amount", "expense_fact3"."exp_date" AS "expense_fact3_exp_date"FROM "public"."expense_fact" "expense_fact3"INNER JOIN "public"."store" "store3" ON (("store3"."store_id" = "expense_fact3"."store_id"))WHERE ((("store3"."coffee_bar" in ('False')) OR ("store3"."store_type" IN ('HeadQuarters', 'Gourmet Supermarket', 'Mid-Size Grocery', 'Small Grocery'))) AND ("store3"."store_country" IN ('Canada', 'USA')))GROUP BY "expense_fact3"."exp_date"ORDER BY "expense_fact3_exp_date" nulls first[/code]

AFAIK most if not all relational DB will not accept an IN NULL in the  WHERE clause.
I looked for a way to do a Coalesce but that would probably require to have the modification done in the Domain.

Alternatively, you can put the filter twice for the same field with the first one a 'is one of' and the second a 'not is one of'. Selecting all the values in the 'not is one of' will be the same as selecting nothing in the 'is one of', won't it?

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