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Username not showing in Role Properties User list.


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We have a user  account that isn't showing in the Role Properties User list. The account can be manually searched for and found and the Role shows in the Users properties but the account doesn't show natively when the Role Properties is selected. Both the user, role and administrator account conducting the searches belong to the same (and only) organization. See screenshots below. Any reason why this account doesn't show with the rest of the users within this role?


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Please verify that the user account in question has the necessary permissions to be assigned to the role. Sometimes, access to certain roles or user lists is restricted based on permissions settings.

Kindly ensure that both the user and the role are part of the same organization. In a multi-organization setup, users and roles might belong to different organizations, making it impossible to assign users to roles across organizations.

I hope this will help you troubleshoot, thanks!

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