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Subreport using diffrent JSON Data Source from URL does not return any value

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I am trying to add a sub report to the main report( each report is using different JSON Data Source from different URL) but they are using the same paramter:

the master report is working fine but when it comes to to the sub report it doesnot work and returns no data! I am not sure if I am doing the correct connection,

The Parameter for both report is called Customer_Id,

the first json url is: http://localhost/api/services/app/Customers/GetAll

the second json URL: http://localhost/api/services/app/ParcelOwners/GetAll

Separately both are working fine

see the attached screen shoot



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your sub-report will automatically use the default data connection of the main report.

To fix that you can export the data connection for the sub report into a file:


In you sub-report you can select that file to set the connection to your 2. data source:

In the outline select the highest element and in the properties you can than select the "Default Data Adapter" 


Please let me know it that was the solution.  THX

Regards TT


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