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  1. Have you solved this issue? I am facing the same error when it comes to json URL datasource
  2. How to get data from different level from JSON url in jasper, how to write the query in order to get all the value with its value and not null, in my example if I use the infraction level, the other value is filled with null value in the report.
  3. I am trying to add a sub report to the main report( each report is using different JSON Data Source from different URL) but they are using the same paramter: the master report is working fine but when it comes to to the sub report it doesnot work and returns no data! I am not sure if I am doing the correct connection, The Parameter for both report is called Customer_Id, the first json url is: http://localhost/api/services/app/Customers/GetAll the second json URL: http://localhost/api/services/app/ParcelOwners/GetAll Separately both are working fine see the attached screen shoot
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