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I'm trying to generate a report in CSV format with the command line

..jasper-rest.sh -t $FOLDER_DIR..[/code]

and in the repository $FOLDER_DIR there is the file param.xml which content is 

..<task><generations><generation baseName="My_Report_Title"  uri="/Project/My_Report"><parameters></parameters><outputFormats><outputFormat type="csv"/></outputFormats></generation></generations><reportStagingDir path="/output/my_report"/></task><br>..[/code]

the executipon failed with the following error message

[pool-2-thread-1] WARN  com.xxx.xx.edition.engine.GenerationTask - type csv not supported

the doc says that the authorized format can be xlsx , csv , txt and indeed with xlsx it is working fine.

Can you please help me understand how I can make it work for CSV output?

Thanks in advance

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