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installation 8.2 openJDK


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I try to install last version 8.2.0 jasper server but the installation on window fail, I install java JDK  11  and Installation finished successfully

I try to install openjdk instead JDK 11  but I have same error 

It is mandatory install oracle JDK 11  ?



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Could you please share the error you received while Jasperserver installation?

For the Windows operating system, you can use the Oracle JDK v8 (minimum required version 1.8.0_163), 11, 17.

Or you can also use Eclipse Adoptium (formerly AdoptOpenJDK) Oracle OpenJDK 11 ● Eclipse OpenJ9 ● HotSpot ● Corretto

For more information, please go through the below-attached document and refer section"Java Virtual Machines (JVM)":


I hope this will help you, thanks!

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I ran into the exact same warning when installing Jasper Server 8.2.0 on a fresh PC with JAVA_HOME set to Oracle JDK 17.0.7 (latest version).

In an attempt to get around this I uninstalled JS then tried downgrading to JS 8.1.1 still with JAVA_HOME set to Oracle JDK 17.0.7 (latest version).  This time it installed successfully without any warnings.  Problem is I want to to use JS 8.2.0 and JDK 17.  So I uninstalled both.

Finally I installed JS 8.2.0 but this time set JAVA_HOME to Oracle JDK 11.0.18 (latest version).  It installed without issue.  I then stop services uninstalled JDK 11 then reinstalled JDK 17 and set my JAVA_HOME to it.  After that rebooted.

Now I have JS 8.2.0 and JDK 17.  I'll now be able to evaluate it for work.

My question is why is there a warning when JDK 17 is supported?  Another strange thing I saw in that warning was it trying to use git.  I'm not on a development machine so I don't have it installed. 


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